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Agriculture machinery complex of the undergraduate, Liang Guangfeng of large fam
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When seeing Liang Guangfeng, he is beginning agriculture machinery spring ploughing to work in 5 springs forestry centre. When him what aim dust of all over the body when the reporter's camera, slightly he a little undemonstrative spoke the complex of that agriculture machinery that hides a bottom of the heart.

   Abandon life is written in land of crop of ” of “ iron rice bowl-a secure job

1968, liang Guangfeng is born in face lustre county an everyday farmer family. Hit oneself sensible case, follow as him of cornstalk parents is felt in land climb boil dozen. The sufferings of the hardships of labor and farmer, deep brand kept on the heart with his little childhood. See parents all day inside day of day of face loess back, working one day had been the scene of lumbar acerbity backache, he from small dark be determined, was brought up to must buy stage tractor, replace manual labor with mechanical exercise, put father and mother from the solution in onerous physical labor.

Cherish the longing to the mechanization of farming and dream, 1989, he took an examination of institute of normal school of Heibei agriculture machinery, become the undergraduate of major of an agriculture machinery. After graduating 1991, he what originally the opportunity learns to teach in this county grows gradually considering parental age, management oneself land already was ability not equal to one's ambition, he resolutely the ” of “ iron rice bowl-a secure job that abandoned ought belonging to oneself, choose to come home however many mus of 60 land that manages oneself. The person all round wants to be illogical, say he does not have prospect. But the first pace that he stepped the brandish in crop land sturdily still to asperse life.

   Raise fund buy train of thought of agriculture machinery change to get a service

1992, liang Guangfeng bought from others hand secondhand and Oriental red 28 model tractor. Although some are old, but to him character as if one find out treasure, was to have the tractor that belongs to oneself truly after all. At first, this tractor just makes many mus of 60 land of oneself with Yu Geng. The advantage that mechanical exercise brings for his home and benefit are looked to be in the eye by the farmer all round, gradually, the farmer all round begins to give money service the tractor of his home. Then, liang Guangfeng begins to manage to find time offer mechanical exercise to serve for circumjacent masses. Pass period of time fumble, he plans to be walked out of, the agriculture machinery exercise that enlarges oneself further serves the market.

Mixed in 1995 when person prattle, he overhears a message: Station of agriculture machinery of town of Zhang Yefu sanded well has an iron ox-tractor 55 model tractor. The course tries hard with all possible means, he buys this car again, form a complete set the various Agricultural Machinery and Implement such as deep loose machine, plaughshare. One have an opportunity, he goes with respect to the tractor that driving his “ walks along agrarian ” . At that time, because the understanding of the farmer still does not reach the designated position, the person that accepts tractor-ploughing school assignment is very few, exercise benefit is not quite considerable, annual exercise volume is controlled 300 mus namely. But he did not abandon, just mix with a tough confidence perseverance, make year after year of area of agriculture machinery work expands, means of subsistence is increasing, to the agriculture machinery when 2002 work area already amounted to 1500 mus.
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