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The Anhui province east tine machinery Inc.
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  The Anhui province east tine machinery Inc. , it is the country specializations manufacturing agriculture machinery, agricultural the key enterprise of assembly of axis of gear of machine of car, project, spline, gear-box. Repose Yu Dong reachs a town inside, 206, 318 nations line is worn condition and over- , communication is very easy. Enterprise only then built 1958, by the country one machine ministry invested axis of gear of agriculture machinery of the production that decide a dot, spline 1974. The enterprise passes arouse one's all efforts to make the country prosperous of a few years, show development to have a worker nearly 1000 people, capital total 50 million yuan, cover an area of a face to accumulate 170 thousand square metre. Floor area 70 thousand square metre, machine equipment more than 500, produce per year ability of axis of gear, spline to amount to 3 million, gear-box assembly is covered 15 thousand times. Technical force is abundant, detect the method is all ready, manufacturing facilities obtains line of business of domestic person of the same trade advanced level, ceng Huo saves company of new and high technology, province a hunderd schools of advanced company, province is optimal benefit enterprise, province abides by contract keep good faith the glorious title such as unit of civilization of enterprise, province. The company already passed attestation of ISO9002 quality system, and the product quality ” satisfaction of “ pursuit customer regards company quality as the tenet, produces “ east product of axis of gear of agriculture machinery of tine ” card, spline, ceng Huo omits name of actor, ministry actor, 98, 99, all name 0 2 years product of ” of “ Anhui famous brand. Company dominant product has: “ east east wind of tine ” card - 12 model, the Yangtse River - 81 model, TY-51 walking tractor, Mount Taishan - 12 model Xiao four-wheel tractor, Nanjing - 130 model pump of gear of car, 975A tricycle, industry, marine the gear of more than 40 type such as machine of diesel engine, project, spline. The product is popular more than 10 provinces such as Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu town of more than 100 counties. Among them the Yangtse River - 81 model, TY-51, east wind - 12 model, axis of gear, spline is 6 how, form a complete set of factory walking tractor exports tractor of city of Shandong, salt. The company abides by “ user strictly the service tenet of consummate ” , the enterprise outside welcoming home wholeheartedly, businessman and a man of insight come to a company to negotiate business, in all business grows a major programme of lasting importance.

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Company name: The Anhui province east tine machinery Inc.

Contact: Jingli   (male)

Connect a telephone call: 0566-7103225


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Mailing address: Dongzhi9392@sina.com

Communication address: The Anhui province east to the county Yao Du presses down Mei Cheng road 3
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