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Limited company of machinery of Hua Da of Chinese Jiangsu Yangzhou
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My company is located in the Gu Cheng tall 郵 of riverside of Beijing Hang Dayun, “ is the same as 3 ” freeway on the west side, 60 kilometer of Yangzhou city is faced south, terraqueous traffic is convenient. Our company are business of agriculture machinery production industry, it is national Ministry of Agriculture and Jiangsu province machinist Agricultural Machinery and Implement of 庁 of course of study matchs (set) the enterprise that decide a dot. 97 years the company supervises bureau “ through Jiangsu province technology metric assure to affirm ” . Be sought advice 5 years to evaluate company assess to be company of “AAA” fancy credit by Jiangsu province international continuously. Major product: Tractor spline axis, agricultural 3 rounds, wheat of four-wheeler rear assembly, paddy is amphibious miniature combine harvester (match east wind only 12 model walking tractor) . All sorts of production and gear of management marine sextant, tractor, series are efficient and bearing, energy-saving at the same time material of decoration of fluorescent lamp, advanced combination. Come for years, our company hold to quality, credit to be this, the product welcomes by countrywide broad user, partial product is sold along with leader plant form a complete set southeasterly inferior, all countries such as Africa. Root of Zhang Wei of president, general manager leads faculty to welcome presence of new old user wholeheartedly!  

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Company name: Limited company of machinery of Hua Da of Chinese Jiangsu Yangzhou

Contact: Zhang Wei root (male)

Connect a telephone call: 0514-4610512


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Mailing address: Zhangwg@yahoo.com.cn

Communication address: City of Jiangsu province tall 郵 opens lake way 122

Zip code: 225600

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