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Heibei saves Yu Tian machinery plant of prefectural China couplet
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Asia of China couplet machinery plant's biggest pottery and porcelain produces county of cropland of Heibei province jade base, have Chinese " northward porcelain the country of " is beautiful praise inside Tang Shan city, it is Tang Shan the area is the largest agricultural drill instrument produces base, already obtained all sorts of letter that amount to mark, obtain national machinery ministry to issue: “ produces licence ” , it is agricultural drill instrument orders manufacturing company surely. Only then built 1989, cover an area of a face to accumulate 20000 square metre, have fixed assets 2.8 million, have engineer, technician, medium advanced technology personnel 20, skilled worker 108, manufacturing facilities is advanced, technical force is abundant, range of products is concentrated. Assure with quality, delivery is seasonable, the price is reasonable, the service is considerate for the tenet, serve for broad client. Act on quality to beg live, credit seeks the manufacturing principle of development, won broad new old client reputably, come a few years, we depend on advanced technology, excellent quality, good reputation, excellent service and much home travelling merchant established the stable relationship that offer money, pervade Beijing, ferry, Tang Jidong north, inside area of unconscious, and other places each are big, medium city, judge by the reliant become reconciled of broad client.
This miller wants a product to have the series drill with form a complete set of big, medium, small-sized tractor, its are main type has: Machine of results of straw of 2MBP-950 laminating drill, 4MJ-2 cotton, 2BYF-2, 3, 4, 5, 6 model drill of corn iron stubble and 2BF-7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 model wheaten drill, come back sow machine and machinery of all sorts of different agriculture.
In our country economy development is greeted fly with prosperous during, factory director of China couplet machinery plant Mr Zhang Changguo carries county of cropland of Heibei province jade faculty, welcome colleague of global all circles wholeheartedly, incoming telegram of new old user arrives at guidance, negotiate business, side-by-side hand in hand in all casting is brilliant great exploit.
China couplet machinery plant to acceptance of all circles friend: High grade in China couplet, cheap be in in China couplet, credit China couplet

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Company name: Heibei saves Yu Tian machinery plant of prefectural China couplet

Contact: Zhang Changguo (male)

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Communication address: Bridge of grand of crow of county of cropland of jade of city of hill of Heibei province the Tang Dynasty presses down area of garden of industry of big Feng bank

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