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Limited company of estate of machinery of agriculture of science and technology
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Combine harvester of paddy of 4LZ-0.5 of emperor horse card miniature is mixed in exhibition of achievement of science and technology of exposition of of all kinds agriculture machinery, agriculture spot of agriculture machinery product demonstrates have the honor to win in the meeting multinomial large award.
The company pursues sincere letter to establish course of study, talent to prop up, banner, quality seeks the technology first of essence of life, service manages a concept, with professional, dedicated, single-minded development strategy, ability, technology and capital cast collect go-between to, the research of the agricultural machinery product that devotes oneself to practical, high grade, efficient, low is developed and produce a sale, in development of miniature paddy combine harvester this starts a field anew, in order to start early, time tries to grow in throwing big, experiment to reach, fundamental work is steady wait for an advantage, established the lead position of the industry.
Important matter course of study, old brand, develop greatly. Friend of all circles of society of cordial welcome of emperor horse company arrives at guidance, at the same time a man of insight of all circles of cordial also welcome joins in, make aircraft carrier of miniature mower company jointly, achieve service “ in all 3 farming ” noble cause!

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Company name: Science and technology of agriculture machinery of horse of Xiangtan county emperor develops limited company

Contact: Tang De is wide (male)

Connect a telephone call: 0732-7801888

Fax: 0732-7803681

Mobile phone: QQ:727114805

Mailing address: Hmsgj2004@163.com

Communication address: Division of trade of labour of alley of Xiangtan county Wu Jia faces south east road

Zip code: 411228

Firm network address:

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