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Limited company of estate of machinery of agriculture of science and technology
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Limited company of estate of machinery of agriculture of science and technology of horse of emperor of Hunan roc raise (emperor horse company) original name is science and technology of machine of Xiangtan emperor Ma Nong to develop limited company, 2007 agriculture of zoology of Hunan roc raise (group) limited company investment accuses hind, become its share company controls below the banner. The company held water 2004, register capital 5.08 million yuan, the science and technology of civilian battalion share-holding system that is the development that a major pursues machinery of practical and new-style agriculture, development and manufacturing sale enterprise, company registered trade mark is ” of “ emperor horse, the Xiangtan county of native place of the bank that is located in Hunan river, great person developing zone of economy of Yi Su river (provincial developing zone) division of trade of labour of Wu Jia alley.
The company has fixed assets 11.19 million yuan, liquid assets 13.43 million yuan, intangible assets 15 million yuan, have management place 7000 smooth rice, produce workshop among them two in all 4600m2, office building 1000m2, of all kinds machine machines equipment many 50. Have year of production to sell combine harvester of paddy of emperor horse 4LZ—0.5 miniature 4000 (set) productivity. Employee 81 people, among them advanced technology title 7 people, intermediate title 15 people, mechanic 36 people.
Emperor horse company is Hunan Province company of new and high technology, unit of academician of Hunan Province agriculture machinery, “ of Hunan agriculture college double the demonstrative base of Cheng of rich laborer of 100 ” science and technology, chinese agriculture develops branch of bank Hunan Province to give company of the class that believe AA. The company is judged to be science and technology to innovate by branch of science and technology of city, county for years continuously skilled worker of advanced unit, branch makes advanced unit, enterprise of science and technology of Xiangtan citizen battalion.
The company is with the innovation of science and technology of agricultural machinery oneself, come for years, divide the education that values force of oneself scientific research and contented, outside increasing scientific research to throw, still wait for clasp of scientific research unit with institute of agriculture machinery of Hunan agriculture college, Hunan university, Hunan, have stronger scientific research and development capacity, combine harvester of paddy of the 4LZ-0.5 of emperor horse card that the company develops development to produce independently miniature, passed appraisal of achievement of science and technology of office of Hunan Province science and technology 2005, product technology home is banner, obtained achievement of national science and technology to change capital support 2006, 2006-2008 is successive 3 years by certificate of proof of center of product quality supervision and inspection of machinery of national paddy field, the product sells the province such as past Hunan, Guangxi, get user reputably, this product chose Hunan, Guangxi 2008 two provinces agriculture machinery (blame is general kind) purchase allowance directory, catalog of allowance of product of agriculture machinery of accessibility 2009 nation.
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