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Jilin province builds the urgent announcement that machines and tools is used an
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> each city (city) farming appoint () of agriculture machinery bureau, county (city, area) agriculture machinery (agriculture) bureau:

Come one year, support energetically and take seriously of province government in the Ministry of Agriculture highly below, the whole journey agriculture machinery of complete province changed demonstrative area construction to obtain initial effect, gross of agriculture machinery equipment grows quickly, demonstrative area adds large Agricultural Machinery and Implement newly 14 thousand are covered, give aid to large family of development agriculture machinery and agriculture machinery collaboration are organized 1300 many, demonstrative work area achieves 4 million mus, to accelerate contemporary agriculture construction, promotion agriculture went to positive effect since equipment standard. The use for aggrandizement machines and tools and supervisory management, produce the effect of machines and tools adequately, true benefit farming policy has carried out the support agriculture the country, had applied, the use that makes good machines and tools further now puts forward as follows to ask with supervisory management:

One, enhance responsibility consciousness, fulfil obligation seriously. Agriculture machinery changes demonstrative area construction to execute a place on the whole advocate the principle that stress, city (city) agriculture machinery management department sets an example to the organization that the area builds is coordinated and control government inside responsible area, county (city) agriculture machinery branch is responsible and particular carry out. Each city (city) director branch should overcome paralytic and lax thought, had planned a construction of area demonstrative area as a whole, had fulfilled superintendency obligation. Each project county is declared in machines and tools, supply agreement examine and verify is supervised with executive circumstance, machines and tools is checked and accept, problem of the quality after carry out of harmonious, machines and tools use have direct responsibility with the respect such as management, can treat sth lightly anything but, want to enhance responsibility consciousness, overall situation consciousness, law consciousness, not sideslip, not go out of form, true it is good canal of machines and tools of demonstrative area construction, good to use.

2, build sound system, normative machines and tools manages. Each county (city, area) want strict machines and tools to run a program, according to " agriculture machinery of Jilin province whole journey changes demonstrative area to build a project to run temporary measure " the machines and tools that to setting an example area construction buys is unified register register, unite a label. The tractor that project construction equips, mower must purchase in machines and tools deal with inside a month fall the relevant formalities such as book. Want a foundation of this locality actual, make demonstrative area build the administrative measure of Agricultural Machinery and Implement jointly with the relevant section such as finance, should publicize policy to basic level, conduct propaganda to arrive farmer, function of farther aggrandizement government, the management of normative project, make the law can be depended on, have Zhang Ke follow.
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