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Heilongjiang visits Harbin town: The mechanization of farming promotes byelaw
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>On December 5, 2007 Harbin city thirteenth the 6th times the conference passes people's congress standing committee, heilongjiang saved eleventh on June 13, 2008 the 3rd times the conference approves people's congress standing committee.

General principles of the first chapter

The first to encourage, give aid to farmer and organization of agricultural machinery exercise use advanced and applicable agriculture machine, stimulative mechanization of farming develops, urge contemporary agriculture and construction of new rural area, basis " mechanization of farming of People's Republic of China promotes a doctrine " , " regulation of machinery of Heilongjiang province agriculture " the regulation that waits for concerned law, code, combine this city actual, enact this ordinance.

This the 2nd byelaw applies to the mechanization of farming inside area of this city administration to promote an activity.

This the 3rd byelaw place weighs a mechanization of farming, it is to point to apply agriculture of advanced and applicable agricultural machinery equipment, improve agriculture to produce management condition, raise agriculture to produce the course of benefit of technical level and economic benefits, zoology ceaselessly.

This byelaw place calls agriculture machinery, it is to point to the machine that is used at the relevant and agronomic activity such as the treatment at the beginning of agricultural production and its product and equipment.

The branch that mechanization of farming of director of government of people of the 4th city works (agriculture machinery of city of the following abbreviation is in charge of a branch) be in charge of whole town mechanization of farming promoting the work.

Area, county (city) the branch that mechanization of farming of people government director works is the following abbreviation area, county (city) agriculture machinery is in charge of a branch, according to administrative limits of authority, be in charge of the mechanization of farming inside this area under administration promoting the work.

Technology of development and reform, agriculture, finance, industrial and commercial, quality is supervised, the administration department such as forestry, pasturage, irrigation works, science and technology, public security, according to respective duty, be in charge of the relevant work that the mechanization of farming promotes.

The 5th city and area, county (city) people government ought to abide by adjust measures to local conditions, economy the safety of effective, safeguard, principle that protects an environment, strengthen science guiding, public service and market to superintend, increase investment, produce the effect of market mechanism adequately, the development of stimulative mechanization of farming.

The 6th city and area, county (city) the unit that ought to make outstanding contribution to promoting career of mechanization of farming to develop and individual give people government to commend and be rewarded.
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