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Jiangsu province is begun change the urgent announcement that delays special rep
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>Bureau of each city agriculture machinery:

On June 29, 2008 morning 9 when make 50 minutes, in Jiangsu province 201KM of 331 provinces path is in the Huaihe River to install churchyard of county of city gold lake, number of a plate runs for the tractor of Jiangsu N-J1669 model conveyor and barge against of minibus of a 5 water chestnut, cause 11 people death, 1 person is weighed.

During accident of transportation of “6.29” great way happens in happy event of the people of the whole country to greet development of Olympic Games, all trades and professions to begin 100 day superintend and director to check platoon of hidden trouble of accident of special operation, agriculture machinery to check processing, also be this year since the first when Jiangsu province happens one second death the accident of great way transportation of 10 people above. According to provincial Party committee, province the government leads the deploy of written instructions spirit and “6.29” accident board of inquiry, study a decision via province bureau, begin a tractor to change instantly inside complete province limits model conveyor (“ of the following abbreviation changes pull work of ”) special repair, inform as follows with respect to concerned requirement now:

One, suspend changing instantly pull the business that register

To center time, concentration energy has been done change delay special repair the job, fulfil hidden trouble processing, understand change drag base number, since July 1, 2008, manage of close down of of short duration of orgnaization of manage of inspect of safety of various agriculture machinery changes procrastinate register register outside mixing, hang turn into business. After waiting for special punish to check and accept qualification, restore to change by the regulation procrastinate register register outside mixing, hang turn into business.

2, establish special repair work quickly to head a group

For cogent the leadership that strengthens repair work, province bureau holds water to arrange year of director to hold the post of a group leader by Xu, king brave deputy director general is the special repair work of assistant group leader to head a group, the office is set in office of province bureau government, sun Junhua section chief holds a director concurrently. The special repair work that each city, county also should establish quickly to hold the post of a group leader by director of a party to an undertaking heads a group, each city, county management is in (division) , inspect manage place is in charge of special repair program make and carry out.

3, check oneself from correct, rectify and reform stoutly

Each district wants accident of transportation of great way of serious derive “6.29” to teach a lesson, draw inferences about other cases from one instance, search hidden danger of agriculture machinery safety and accident symptom more more seriously, meticulously, fulfil agriculture machinery system of safety production further. Should increase personnel to pull administrative case quickly to begin a platoon to check to changing inside area under administration try to find out the real intention, master in the round change inside area under administration procrastinate register register, outside outside hanging those who turn into bonze to did not turn, hang change delay a case, accomplish chase machine the check that chase archives, do not take dead space. Want to pull fountainhead to superintend non-standard behavior to have comprehensive check to changing, rectify and reform thoroughly.
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