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Jiangsu strengthens finance allowance to purchase big in those who pull governme
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> bureau of agriculture machinery of each city, county:

Agriculture machinery purchases allowance policy is national support agriculture a of benefit farming fundamental policy, the purpose is to guide broad farmer to purchase advanced and applicable Agricultural Machinery and Implement, expand agricultural production, improve level of mechanization of farming and agricultural production efficiency, increase farmer income, stimulative agriculture modernization. My province is right 2008 large and medium-sized the tractor implements the norm allowance policy that calculates in proportion, blame blood prevents scale of allowance of county of area of heavy epidemic disease for 30% , and blood prevents scale of allowance of county of area of heavy epidemic disease to achieve 50% , save circumjacent area photograph to compare with me, subsidy level is higher. To avoid prediction of a person's luck in a given year of fund of buy in and sell at a profit of machines and tools, allowance, strengthen finance allowance to purchase now large and medium-sized the concerned item of tractor management informs as follows:

One, severe buy machine person qualificatory examine and verify closes

Father to close qualificatory examine and verify, it is to do well the foundation that buys machine allowance work. To simplify program, improve efficiency, do not make unified demand to buying machine application form this year, but branch of each district agriculture machinery is in actual unit process of cargo bandling, should cogent good 3 close: It is application buying machine person must be to buy machine person oneself, and it is this county (city, area) the personnel that lives for a long time; 2 be must with buy machine person oneself sign contract of the engine that order face to face, always buy machine person he are not signed face to face or entrust the acting autograph such as agency to buy engine contract, inspect abandon buying machine allowance qualification together, must not enjoy subsidy; 3 it is examine and verify is bought machine person whether to go up year had bought large and medium-sized tractor, to going up the farmer does not get year of this locality that already had bought to enjoy allowance to buy again machine.

2, sunshine is transparent operation

Open and sunshine operation, transparent it is to do well the key that buys machine allowance work. Because finance allowance fund guides, the farmer buys machine demand increase sharply, but accept restriction of finance allowance dimensions, supply and demand is contradictory and outstanding, accordingly, each district (especially blood prevents county of area of heavy epidemic disease) agriculture machinery branch must purchase allowance policy requirement by agriculture machinery, strengthen conduct propaganda and explanation, announce in time supervise inform against a phone, to the farmer buy machine situation actually must fair show to countryside (town) , village two class, carry certain term. Buy actually already to each district machine, but buy machine list to had be notted announce, should clutch fair show, cogent achieve executive policy open, fairness and justice.
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