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Henan saves good about doing agriculture machinery to cross the opinion that dis
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>Hair of city of each province administer changes appoint, agriculture machinery, public security, traffic, medium petrifaction branch of each city oil:

Henan province agriculture machinery crosses district operation to work to be led correctly in government of provincial Party committee, province below, hair change appoint, the relevant section such as agriculture machinery, public security, traffic, petrifaction cooperates cheek by jowl, strengthen management, aggrandizement serves, collective organization begins agriculture machinery to cross area chance stop work for the day to make, obtained remarkable result. Of the combine harvester retain ninety-three thousand two hundred when the quantity increases to 2007 by 5000 of 1995, machine receive an area to increase 70.88 million mus by 5.76 million mus, machine receive a level to arrive by 8% promotion 94% , through ceaseless effort of 14 years, realized wheat basically to produce mechanization, raised Henan to save level of mechanization of farming substantially, drove the development of countrywide mechanization of farming, promoted synergism of grain increase production, agriculture, farmer to add those who close to add up to productivity with agricultural put together to rise. With wheat the machine that cross a region receives the agriculture machinery that is a delegate to step district operation, got the extensive welcome of the farmer, got the provincial Party committee, sufficient affirmation that saves a government. A file asks to raise level of mechanization of farming in the center of 2007, accelerate commissariat to produce mechanization progress, ground of adjust measures to local conditions extends the exercise of the mechanization of farming and service territory, in season of key farming season the organization begins the tractor-ploughing that crosses region, machine to sow, machine receive operation service, to agriculture machinery the exercise that cross a region raised new taller requirement. Implement spirit of a central file to carry out, had done the agriculture machinery of a period will cross district operation work henceforth, offer following opinions now:

One, deepen understanding, heighten the sense of responsibility that becomes good agriculture machinery to cross an area to work and sense of urgency further

Developing contemporary agriculture is the first job that builds socialistic new rural area, the mechanization of farming is the important matter base that builds contemporary agriculture. The agriculture machinery socialization that broad farmer gave to cross district operation to be a delegate with agriculture machinery in the exploration in producing practice serves mode. Step district operation through agriculture machinery, raise the utilization rate of agricultural machinery, dispersive agricultural machinery and dispersive farmer organic ground connection rises, contract mechanization production and family manage organic ground union to rise, those who realize agricultural machinery is collective use, deploy agriculture machinery resource effectively, solved an innumberable families to manage the difficult problem that how mechanization realizes below the condition in a small way, accelerated the development of the mechanization of farming, contemporary to promoting bumper harvest of grain bumper crop and development agriculture rose to urge action tremendously. Carry out a proof, served in order to cross the agriculture machinery socialization that district operation is a delegate to find the mechanization of farming that accords with national condition to realize a way for our country, exploration gave a mechanization of farming that has Chinese distinguishing feature to develop way. Advance agriculture machinery to step district operation, it is to raise level of mechanization of farming, development to show the acting agriculture, inevitable demand that boosts construction of socialistic new rural area. Agriculture machinery crosses district operation to involve an area wide, sectional linkage is important assure. Accordingly, it is important that each district should deepen pair of agriculture machineries to cross an area to work the understanding of the meaning, enhance sense of the sense of responsibility that becomes good agriculture machinery to cross district operation to work, mission, farther close branch cooperates, strong chemical industry makes strength, deploy good, organization good agriculture machinery of good, service steps district operation, drive agriculture machinery to cross an area to work to age by the summer two season are expanded, wait for crop to paddy, corn by wheat outspread, by machine close to tractor-ploughing, machine to insert, machine sow wait for a domain to extend, to develop new rural area of socialism of contemporary agriculture, construction, capture to build new triumph of comparatively well-off society to make contribution in the round.
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