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Win the sale skill of new business
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The sale that Brian Tracy is the tip on the world grooms professional personage, he thinks to establish trust is the crucial the first step in selling a process. He says, build trustful job with the client, occupy the 40 % of whole sale process, other job is to announce the client's need, offer the solution of the problem. On this kind of meaning, the value that recommends way is very simple, that is: There is a client together in you between, and between the potential customer that existing client recommends with place, trustful relation exists already. Between the potential customer that commendatory course makes you are recommended together, build quickly somehow accredit, this is sold to starting is a strong dominant position.

Recommend main type of the person

We often see a lot of facing of professional salesperson appeal advertisement, they make sure the sale that was not aimed at stranger absolutely is visited. In fact, the enterprise can make this assures more a few clearer, they can teach a salesperson, how to mix from family, friend business is companionate there win commendatory potential customer. Such, the salesperson can chat in what already had client and potential customer every together in, the request recommends new customer.

So, we can from what does channel obtain first-rate client to recommend? The following channel is worth to try:

1. The client recommends the existing client that comes from satisfaction mostly greatly, be being recommended because of what this has a client is apparent. Salesperson cannot often fixed (like every months) the ground requests to recommend to long-term client or client. When the client enough like you, be willing to continue to be the same as your deal, so probable, they can and be willing to continue to recommend new business to you. Become these clients to be recommended to potential customer, themselves has been benefited from what what kind gets here, so, this potential customer also is met strongly apt is the same as your deal.

2. The friend is old your friend circle can become the huge source that recommends new business. Accordingly important is, the business that your cater-cousin wants to understand you and the client that its have to you brought what value. Becoming a friend to also know your good client or client should be what kind of, they can be searched for you more and recommend likely potential customer.

3. The competitor's customer is big this often are ignored, but the people that was not the same as our deal those now, often can recommend a few very valuable potential customers.

4. Supplier of supplier Great Harmony maintains the relationship of firm, can bring the business that recommends in great quantities, be in the enterprise that supplier and our bilateral client are same kind especially, but in both offerred service is without relevant circumstance to fall, more such.

5. Domestic member is old among us a lot of pledging the person that is not together the business and domestic agitate, do not be willing to commend professional work through domestic member. But, those had been recommended from domestic member the person with much fine is benefited in business, ground of very clear however courtesy invites a family the member commends professional work and instantly the value place of follow-up.
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