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Win the sale skill of new business
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Editor's note: An outstanding member that sell is the person that a problem is solved, also be the build person of a proper atmosphere. According to these measure, you can gain the success that expect is less than. Recommend new customer to be able to be mixed more quickly expand business better. If do not have benefit to use,recommend type to sell, you will lose the potential business of 25 % . The center that wins new business sells a technology, be not use promote personnel. First-rate method is the existing client that passes you, recommend potential customer to you.

Recommend the cause with so worthy means to depend on:

1. The person that potential customer knows by you is recommended. Such, you can shorten the process of familiar and potential customer, and, establish the collective point on friendship, acquaintance and business relation foundation, still can help you alleviate the pressure of phase of initial contact understanding in selling a process.

2. Recommend means to enlarge business network. You can pass every potential customer that is recommended, enlarge your concern group, use this relation network then, add existing business, win new business.

3. Recommend means to reduce cost of sales. Be recommended through the request and follow-up is potential client, you save time not only, still reduce cost. To the fare that a brand-new object promotes, should more than be being promoted to the potential customer that is recommended give 6 times. Just think, increase a salesperson to undertake promoting, cost is very high, and the client that uses your place to have recommends new customer, charge is not expensive.

4. The potential customer that is recommended, to recommend a person to bring raise a cost. When the potential customer that your follow-up is recommended, win this business, and make him cheerful when, the value that recommends a person also was able to promote. The credence that recommends a person gets rising, and the acknowledgment that often can get this new customer.

5. Recommend means help to use your best sale army. Cheerful client forms your most powerful sale team, their public praise is exclusive the most efficient advertisement way. You often can be offerred by the requirement about product or the evidence that serve authentic sex, and the commendation of your existing client, can bring the credit result of get effect instantly, and very few need adds additional information.

Accredit is to buy decision-making solid base in standing tall and upright to sell a circumstance typically in, accredit is the first issue in potential customer brain, how does he ask himself “ to I just can know you can trust this individual and this company? ” your job very hard; To presswork of the data appropriate and beautiful, you were paid a lot of; You still reveal the product that fit to prove to potential customer, raise very good question, listen attentively to the answer of the problem carefully; All these are to earn credit.
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