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Why does Wang Laoji cool tea demand exceeds supply?
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The enterprise is fond of social charity and commonweal career, the redound that is pair of societies and people and feed back, the height that is enterprise society responsibility is reflected. Be in shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River such all over the world all before the big calamity of Jing, besides the government due force, be enterprise society responsibility most but the hour with most considerable idea, it is proper that like industry tycoon “ of 10 thousand divisions contributes 2 million yuan, do not float charity is changed, china is the country of a calamity frequency hair, activity of charity of relieve the people in disaster is a normal, the donation of the enterprise activity should can last, and do not become a burden. ” and “ staff contribute money with ” of 10 yuan of in the limit of such nearly chill sober reason are apparent and unwell what is appropriate to the occasion, be in especially we country of such a favor, the dissatisfaction of the people that upsurges by love mood despises even it is none strange. Look from commercial sale angle purely, the words and deeds of 10 thousand divisions also is the chess breaks undoubtedly, solid for impolicy.

Beneficent a righteous act undertaken for the public good, can promote the public of the enterprise image, also can promote the brand of the enterprise value and integral image, win the heart of consumer thereby, brought social effect often Yuan Chaoan announces investment, obtain the result of get twice the result with half the effort. CCTV of have the aid of of king old auspicious closes tremendously inspect effect, make charity of relieve the people in disaster with great quantity, let broad consumer see one has the company image that love bears the blame, established a thing that make kind to display love to have the openly surveyor's pole of the company image of high society sense of responsibility for everybody, the instant obtains huge to the market pays close attention to and be chased after hold in both hands, brand value violent wind rises. Enterprise of it may be said answers a newspaper office to meet, society conversely redound enterprise. Contrary, contribute a 2 million yuan industry tycoon only 10 thousand divisions, although the classic theory of its contribution looks be like very sober with reason, law and morally also are criticized severely hard, but the affection hasten that also gets the public hard is agreed with with value together, do not accord with the public to 10 thousand divisions the love of enterprise of this kind of tycoon expects, do not avoid those who let a few netizens feel miserly and despise, make its confront severe commercial credit crisis, big damage of bibcock company image, market effect also can be damaged so. Although 10 thousand divisions show later, will dial 100 million yuan of RMBs to be used at future 3 to 5 years calamity hind rebuilds, but the market already appeared “ prejudice ” , all sorts of comment have, figure repairs outsmart oneself ” of unavoidable even “ hard.
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