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Why does Wang Laoji cool tea demand exceeds supply?
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Editor's note: Beneficent a righteous act undertaken for the public good, can promote the public of the enterprise image, also can promote the brand of the enterprise value and integral image, win the heart of consumer thereby, brought social effect often Yuan Chaoan announces investment, obtain the result of get twice the result with half the effort. In the information society that network height develops, broad netizen also is the love and hate of consumer, often can be affected and control the market already some commercial situation, its consequence nots allow small gaze. From the point of this, wang Laoji sold goods, be not accidental.

” of little known Wang Laoji of “ of south cool tea almost overnight red all over great river north and south, change the market structure of cold and cheerless, become bustling, each district sale accuses strong and pervasive fragrance time and again. In forum of a few websites, a such ceaseless and popular cards: “ buys the Wang Laoji of smooth supermarket, on one canister buys one tin! ”

Late 8 years May 18, the consecratory ——2008 that CCTV “ loves is aseismatic spot of ” of evening party of raise donations providing disaster relief, inc. of industry of drug of Guangzhou king old auspicious to contribution of seismic disaster area 100 million yuan of RMB, achieve domestic odd pen highest contribution specified amount is spent. This philanthropics act or project, affected the people, also stimulated consumer the enthusiasm to Wang Laoji.

Meanwhile, enterprise of bibcock of a few industries, be like estate magnate 10 thousand divisions, opposite at its 5 billion yuan annual interest benefit is only alms money of 2 million yuan of be apt to, special do not become “ scale ” , ” of door of such “ dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, suffer netizen cannon, president king stone is helpless in its rich guest to public excuse.

alleged the love that does not have for no reason at all, also do not have the hate of for no reason at all.

The earthquake has feeling without the lover, there is big love before big calamity. The 8 class that Sichuan of accident our country saves county of plain of short of Wenshui River are especially big earthquake, stunned the world, great also shock and hold tight became painful the heart of compatriots. The anguish of people heart, sympathize with, kind-hearted, aid goodness and the affection such as person, sweetheart to also do not close again, reveal between instantly without involuntary discharge of urine, contribute content from the contribution of materially, to earnestly practise what one advocates drive go to the spot to come to help, the whole nation that goes up to spirit again is the same as sad, spurt gives out tremendous love. At the moment, “ love ” is people collective value pray longs to appeal to with psychology beg, it is the golden key of world of current people affection. Of cool tea of ” of “ Wang Laoji with great quantity love a righteous act undertaken for the public good is appropriate meantime, pull immediately close the psychological distance with the public, sweetheart person the person loves, those who add commodity itself is good in quality and cheap in price, what its win customer is close look at chase after hold in both hands, make “ feeling invest ” to its in succession, naturally follow a rational line to do some work well.
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