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Change? Changeless? Bottom line of pattern of trade of lay a finger on
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Change, double look unfamiliar is put

Typical company: Elegant fragrant

Of do in Rome as Rome does elegant fragrant go so that stumble.

In April 1998, " the announcement that the State Council sells management activity about prohibiting passing " promulgate, the company that sets all is engaged in that sell line of business continuously must open store. This regulation makes elegant what fragrant company has competitive advantage most is straight sell mode to cannot be entered, elegant fragrant the brigade that set foot on hard mode change.

“ is sold continuously retail ” is elegant fragrant the new pattern in Chinese open up, creativity ground put forward “ 4 legs walk the strategy of ” , develop “BB at the same time namely (brand shop) , PBC (agreement hairdressing shop) , SD (retailing shop) , SP (bagman) ” .

First change lets elegant fragrant China walks out of deficit and the difficult position that begin professional work hard quickly. Elegant fragrant begin transition from 1998, through 4 years evolve, the cosmetic company that resembles gather into one of one handed down from the older generations of the family already completely, so far, its terminal site is close 80% for brand shop, close 20% for shop.

And the rise in Chinese market also makes the company bringing profit that insists to sell pattern continuously all the time elegant is not flavor quite in heart of fragrant high level. 2004, elegant fragrant the sale that announces external is 225 million dollar, convert RMB is less than 2 billion yuan, glided at least than 2003 16% . As contrary as this, install benefit to be in China sale achieved 17 billion yuan of above 2004, grew about 60% .

But take the earliest what sell license plate continuously is elegant fragrant farewell of very difficult also “ arrives once upon a time. ” because accomplished fact is elegant fragrant the brand shop with huge amount built in Chinese market, made successfully can resist in 34 class market from this fake and the brand shop medium of communication that makes deepness cent smoothly sell, this is elegant the biggest gains of fragrant transition, also be the biggest obstacle that its regression sells continuously. The management mode that carries out shop sale and sale of the member that sell continuously at the same time can make both mutual compete.

Change, bottom line of defend to the last

Typical company: EBay

The personage of familiar electron business affairs knows, of EBay collect fees the horizontal stroke below the circumstance that mode sheds platform to cannot find profit pattern in other network other people is born for nothing, guide EBay to become the celebrity of domain of electronic business affairs quickly. Its collect fees mode is the fee of bargainor collection service that does business to be on the website, these charge include to log onto cost of cost, set up shop, trade cost.
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