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How does the member that sell do effective sale to visit
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Editor's note: Good beginning is successful half, a businesslike sale visits pair of direct distributor and character accomplishs a successful direct distributor namely begin. The income of the member that sell continuously should appear into long, experience to want to be able to be accumulated quickly, the contact is led and clinch a deal lead OK and ceaseless promotion, workload is the biggest key. If most fundamental workload is insufficient, of other can saying is theoretic, because “ quantity ” is the foundation in the foundation, and what let oversight of the member that sell continuously the most easily also is this part. Accordingly we often can see a lot of member that sell continuously take the branch for the root, the purpose thinks from inside his finite portfolio innovation goes infinite likelihood and outstanding achievement to come, making his disappointed finally is a corollary, because effort is insufficient,be not merely, and it is the destiny that had been destined to fall at the beginning!

Be visited businesslikely even if promote the first measure of workload, if this measure walks firm, so next growing ability can have better anticipation, and should achieve visit businesslikely, must establish a few kinds of good job state of mind and method so:

One, state of mind

1. Do not be reluctant to leave the law case that already became the past. The law case in the past, want to leave experience only, had ordered track a plan to go, developing ability actively forth is urgent affairs.

2. Do not stay between bad mood. Disappointed, anxious, complain, regrettablly, repent … , these are the behavior that waste time and won't harvest somewhat only, should look up so hold out bosom, belt to wear smile is greeted to future!

3. The working hours of a person is finite, and time is limited, if need not going up actively, can use in inactive on! Power to make decisions masters on him hand, if not oneself decide, so inactive thought can help you decide!

4. New law case is not developed forever, should raise a head to look only to distance, life can be full of a hope everywhere!

2, method

1. Check oneself everyday the first law case

A day plan depend on morning, our commonnest state is the member be sold continuously with older qualification, often everyday the time that platoon of place of the first law case decides is later also, this also seemed to turn an industry into medium general rule, of course this also is a lot of people cannot be become outstanding one of reasons of the member that sell continuously, what because be in,wait for in course of study all right as a result is longer, what autonomic sex changes however is poorer!

2. The day that make, week, month plans

Decide reasonable workload of each days.

The workload of week, month and achievement target are ordered calm.

Before a week must do next a week journeys to admit really on the weekend, do workload ahead of schedule affirm for the first time.
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