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Calm down develops agriculture machinery to serve increase production of combine
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Calm down county gets used to new condition actively, next force are bred and develop new-style agriculture machinery to serve an organization, build agriculture machinery to serve combine, accelerated agriculture to achieve the step of mechanization, promoted agricultural increase production and farmer to add close.
In recent years, below the circumstance that respects farmer desire adequately, this county explores agriculture machinery to manage new pattern hard, will scattered agriculture machinery SOHO comprised service combine, so that be a — better door the farmer provides work of good agriculture machinery farm. They relax further policy, tilt to combine from the respect such as capital, information, brought a farmer into play to develop the enthusiasm of agriculture machinery combine. Since last year, entire county extended fund of agriculture machinery allowance amounts to many yuan 20. In the meantime, they still build agriculture machinery to serve a system, build county, countryside, village, door wait for 4 stage agriculture machinery to serve an organization, provide excellent service for combine, stimulative combine development expands. Bureau of prefectural agriculture machinery insists to organize brainpower among fixed and thorough combine, impart on one hand technology, help on the other hand they are debugged and maintain Agricultural Machinery and Implement, those who assured combine is normal move. Smelt metal pressed down village of beautiful river valley to establish 8 people on the west the agriculture machinery exercise of 8 cars serves combine. Stone doorway home village or town is small oral village build 10 people the agriculture machinery combine of 10 cars. Arrive at present, entire county already established agriculture machinery to serve system 3, have a tractor 24, machines and tools of all sorts of form a complete set such as rotary tillage machine, drill many 30.
Development agriculture machinery serves combine, produced the effect of agricultural machinery adequately, raised the utilization rate of agricultural machinery, enlarged the work area of agriculture machinery farm, reduced the labor intensity of the farmer, make the farmer freed oneself to come out from inside heavy field work, vacated time, pursue other trade, increase — economic income. In the job of spring ploughing spring sowing this year, combine adopted the measure of formalities of rate of — of centralized operation standard, all, centralized conduction operation, help farmer tractor-ploughing land 9000 mus, machine sow many mus 2000, went to the lavatory greatly farmer