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Good year says in wheat harvest cropland -- Qu Wo county " 3 summer " informatio
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Wheat harvest season, the earth austral advance is scorching. In Qu Wo county, below the reporter field, visit peasant family, experience the joyance of here people bumper harvest, also hear them to develop the sodorous note of contemporary agriculture.

“3 year had not bought a sickle”

Do not see hook dance, hear machine voice only. In Wen Jingcun, 5 combine harvesters gallop in cornfield. Not how old time, a mower stops, listen to “ of clang ” only, full Mai Li flows to a tractor 3 rounds. Popular happy ground says Zhang Lan of secretary of village Party branch: “ the farmer is true now enjoy a happy life, cut wheat need not sickle, carry wheat need not be carried; Which ground is your wheat, make a telephone call, send in your home directly after wheat harvest is good. ” this village 740 people, domestic home has labor force all the year round outer work, in former years harvests wheat, these people should hurried back come. This year, go out working save worry ——— is coordinated by village cadre, close repeatedly belt send someone helps. Whole village 2880 mus of wheat, 3 days put in a storehouse 's charge entirely.

Gu Cun is installed in what be located in Zhijinshan foot to fall, a young farmer of surname king gives new change fully in the word: Home “ my home had not bought a sickle 3 years, wheat harvest relies on mower completely. ” really, be in nowadays Qu Wo, farmer for generations cut the hook that wheat uses to become ” of “ cultural relic almost.

Comrade of bureau of the agriculture machinery that occupy a county introduces, entire last year county has mower 180, this year because have finance allowance, mower jumps reach 242. Before harvesting wheat, personnel of county organization technology undertakes maintaining to machinery, maintain and vet, groom operation personnel 700, extend service connection blocks 300. With comparing of in former years, summer harvest shifts to an earlier date this year a week ends.

“ science and technology is entered door lay high yield foundation”

A group of data make clear bureau of statistic of Qu Wo county: Per unit area yield of wheat of entire this year county grows 21.8% than last year, always produce grow 22% than last year. What did two groups of numbers show?

In north travel of Dong Xiang agriculture goes sightseeing garden area, li Yumin of technician of farmer of the village in battalion busy summer is planted, reporter and he helped the daily life of a family. He says: “ my village 1300 mus of wheat, mu produce close hoisting jack, it is science and technology is entered door laid high yield foundation. When wheat sowed ” last year, prefectural seed company offers the actor such as 21” of “ aid wheat to plant 1.6 million kilograms with respect to Xiang Mainong, actor is planted enclothe rate 98% . Li Yumin was planted 4 mus of wheat, received many kilograms 2000, resell the surplus grain in the home, the income of one season has 4000 yuan, kind grain brought material benefit truly to the farmer.
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