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Spring sowing of agriculture machinery of Dong Ning county presents Heilongjiang
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  • As the rapid development of rural economics, of level of mechanization of farming rise ceaselessly, agriculture of Dong Ning county produces city of river of Heilongjiang province peony to striding to contemporary agriculture. The production of mechanical spring sowing this year presents a 3 big characteristics:
    Characteristic one: Sow period short, rate is rapid. According to statistic, tractor of peaceful entire county retains east the quantity already amounted to fifteen thousand six hundred, drill thirteen thousand five hundred, entire county 22 thousand farmer, average every 10 farmers have 7 tractors 6 drill. Spring sowing of in former years is very busy and seasonal, child of the adult in the ground is the form with busy people everywhere, and one kind is half moon 20 days, this year basically is a person is driving a tractor, carrying drill, one nature's mystery sows 2-3 hectare, do not give land for growing field crops of a week to sow entirely end. Most apparent is paddy machinery transplants rice seedlings, a rice transplanter can insert 1.2 hectare left and right sides one day, efficiency is 15 times what transplant rice seedlings more artificial. Machinery transplants rice seedlings fast economy relaxed, approbate by the farmer, machine of entire county paddy inserts a level to already was achieved 20% .
    Characteristic 2: Old people is much, kid is little. In last few years, because the country is carried out,buy machine allowance to wait for benefit farming policy, agriculture machinery changes development very swift and violent, force of large quantities of rural surplus labor are transferred 2, 3 industries, go abroad work, labor of 55 thousand country already transferred entire county 23 thousand person, 41.8% what take able-bodied person of entire county country. Today spring the farmer that works in land for growing field crops, the age is mostly in 40 years old of above, 20 years old of right-and-left youngsters are done not have basically. Especially the Chaoxian nationality of 3 fork in a road is pressed down, 90% above go to the youngster and other places of Korea, Japan, Russia works, the old person is left only in the home, land must be transferred to farm large family, this changes development to leave very large space to agriculture machinery.
    Characteristic 3: Sow a standard tall, it is good to get the result. Entire county machine sows a level to already was achieved 85% , paddy machinery transplants rice seedlings the level is achieved 20% , because machinery sows,grab farming season, add indigestion lukewarm, depth of row spacing spacing in the rows is consistent, came true to standardize exercise, reach precision drilling level, today spring crop of land for growing field crops came true to sow defend a full stand, and Miao Qimiao is strong, laid solid foundation for agricultural bumper harvest. Especially paddy implementation mechanization transplants rice seedlings, raised level of raise rice seedlings of room of entire county canopy greatly, removed a section to plant, province fertilizer, fall the action of bad news, according to calculating, paddy machine inserts every mus but managing seed 1.5 kilograms, managing chemical fertilizer 10 kilograms, economic and artificial transplant rice seedlings expend 20 yuan, every mus but increase production paddy 55 kilograms.
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