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Continous this world: Does M suckle Mo common of of rare ┗ of eye of of Fu
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Hit in the victory win wheaten machine to close afterwar, branch of various agriculture machinery of continous in relief city and hand of vast agriculture machinery people disregard the exhaustion of body and mind that fight bravely all day, resolutely devoted transplant rice seedlings to current tractor-ploughing, machine, machine fill carries water in exercise, the efficient operation that carries agriculture machinery will be grabbed because of the farming season of shake calamity incur loss through delay come back, on the field of the hope, the banging song of agriculture machinery played a music to urge the paean that person act vigorously takes. Showed person of continous in relief agriculture machinery the mental elegant demeanour of hopeful, self-confident, deal with concrete matters relating to work. End on June 3, continous in relief city already accumulative total begins tractor-ploughing to work 1.5 million mus, machine transplant rice seedlings nearly 10 thousand mus, electromechanical carries fill water to even more 100 million. To ensure bumper harvest of high yield of the agriculture after calamity laid solid foundation.