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Our city " 3 summer " be all set of agriculture machinery exercise
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Shortly of wheat harvest of report from our correspondent, to conserve truly bumper harvest of 5.64 million mus of wheaten high yield of city, corn is timely sow, at present exercise of each agriculture machinery plans branch of agriculture machinery of city, county the job already be in order.
Division system of agriculture machinery of our city city, county decided the job beforehand case, established summer harvest to direct a center; The organization began overhaul of machines and tools to maintain, make sure machines and tools throws 3 summer exercise with good technology condition, established agriculture machinery to serve “ 110 ” , superintend and director of thorough countryside, village guides and help maintenance of machines and tools
, machinery of exercise of 3 summer ” undertook “ generally already overhaul, maintain a combine harvester in all 5923, corn drill eleven thousand three hundred and sixty-two, other machines and tools 5. 90 thousand; Agriculture machinery school produces function effect, adopt a variety of form organizations to begin machine hand technology to groom, groom machine hand fifteen thousand six hundred and forty-six, among them combine harvester hand 5978; Unit of distribute of agriculture machinery of city, county purchases combine harvester and other machines and tools from manufacturer home, make sure the farmer buys machine need, whole town adds wheaten combine harvester newly 367, retain the quantity achieves 9978, add corn drill newly 682, retain the quantity achieves eighteen thousand two hundred and two; Each county is contacted actively, introduce a combine harvester from the other place, predict to be able to be brought this year machine more than 2000, the combine harvester that attends our city wheaten machine to close will achieve 1 . 20 thousand.