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More than 10000 agriculture machinery of our city are busy field
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This net dispatch (reporter Xu Jing) agrarian overall in agrarian cropland, rice transplanter is transplanting rice seedlings, plangent machine voice resounds through field. On May 30 morning, it is in dam of cropland of village of Mi Zhenyuan cropland of Hunan of tung catalpa county, more than 10 agriculture machinery falls to bustling livelily in the operation that operates personnel, this one picture is an epitome that our city mechanization of farming applies only. This year, the our city has more than 10000 agriculture machinery to be produced at agriculture, the agricultural machine that at present devoted already agriculture produces amounts to 64279 (second) .
This year, the farmer was increased to purchase the allowance strength of Agricultural Machinery and Implement in the center of, the farmer friend that the our city purchases Agricultural Machinery and Implement is added gradually much, machines and tools has an amount mushroom, mechanization exercise volume rises apparently, agricultural and mechanical each segment that enters agricultural production. Bureau of the agriculture machinery that occupy town concerns chief introduction: This year, the our city increased new technology, new machines and tools to popularize strength further, big thrust wide mechanization transplants rice seedlings technology, the crucial link that captures paddy is produced, stimulative paddy produces whole journey mechanization, at present mechanization transplants rice seedlings operation technology already gradually standardization, the technology grooms already achieved what the farmer teachs a farmer to groom means, transplant rice seedlings the collect raise rice seedlings that operation service form already realized to be organized by hotshot of agriculture machinery large family, farm, mechanization agrarian cropland, mechanization transplants rice seedlings, the socialization that mechanization reaps serves mode. In the meantime, popularize flue-cured tobacco to manufacture mechanization technology energetically, make flue-cured tobacco scale of production is changed. Farmland of main promotion flue-cured tobacco, ridging ridging plough is the machinery of an organic whole, quantity of a mechanical exercise is equivalent to 120 labour force, the promotion of this machines and tools applies, reduced the labor intensity of farmer friend greatly, managing time, enlarge flue-cured tobacco scale of production effectively; Excavating machinery of tea production machinery, potato and the experiment that corn harvests mechanization set an example keep abreast of. True autonomous county of Mei pool county, phoenix ridge county, path undertook tea produces mechanization test, tung catalpa county, installing county, line county of pool of true autonomous county, Mei, peaceful in relief county undertook potato grab experiments, set an example, county of abide by justice undertook corn harvests mechanization experiment.
Additional as we have learned, the our city strives for superior to buy allowance fund in all this year twenty-two million six hundred and five thousand yuan, among them, central capital 17 million yuan, provincial capital 5.605 million yuan, 2007 increase substantially on 13 million yuan foundation, machinery of cultivation of our city agriculture is in last year on many 7400 foundation add many 3600 newly. According to the plan, the our city wants 2 million mus to finish tractor-ploughing area this year, mechanization transplants rice seedlings 15 be over mu. So far, the agricultural machinery that the our city already threw agriculture to produce this year amounts to 64279 (second) , already finished tractor-ploughing area 1.34 million mus, mechanization transplants rice seedlings 110 thousand mus.
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