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Hunan Provincial Bureau of National Agricultural Mechanization and timely comm
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November 29, Secretary of Agricultural Machinery Administration Xie Guohua hosted a special meeting to convey and implement conscientiously the November 25 meeting in Hangzhou, the National Agricultural mechanization conference of public service system in the main spirit. Bureau of party members, Juzhu related offices, the unit attended the meeting. Xie Guohua Secretary introduces the basic overview of the meeting, then we exactly Learning Organization Vice Minister Zhang Taolin agricultural mechanization in the national work conference on public service system's speech on how to carry out the spirit of the Conference and made specific comments. Xie Guohua pointed out that the offices should conscientiously thinking and action to meeting the requirements and Vice Minister Zhang Taolin the important speech, around the capacity of agricultural technology extension services, agricultural quality supervision and service capabilities, service capacity of agricultural machinery safety supervision, agricultural education and training service capacity, agricultural services, information dissemination capacity of the "five capabilities" to enhance and innovate the work of ideas, work harder to promote the province's public service system of agricultural work to a new level. Xie Guohua Secretary also requested that all offices must be practical, in-depth study Guo Fa [2010] No. 22 document, to continue to improve the specific measures for the provincial government to file the form as soon as possible to be clear; the same time to focus on long-term, co-ordinate and plan agricultural machinery industry construction, machine sheds and construction of key and difficult work to promote the province's Agricultural Mechanization better and faster development. (The flowers)