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Pinghu City singing the harvest of agricultural machinery in a drama Winter
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In order to implement the province's grain production of modern agricultural parks and the spirit of functional area construction site meetings to comprehensively promote the "two areas" build, deploy 2010 winter harvest work, recently, a new dam in the town of Pinghu Municipal Government held the city's autumn winter spot . Vice Mayor Hu Zhiliang, towns (street), deputy mayor in charge of Agriculture (deputy director), director of agricultural water services, the Deputy Director in charge of water conservancy construction and municipal department heads attended the meeting. Site meeting, a change in the past winter harvest rice harvester cutting, ditching machine ditching the old situation, with the attendant appeared with Binder and fertilizer for the rice straw, it all themselves. This year, comprehensively promote the Zhejiang Agricultural Mechanization Agricultural Mechanization standing for the project based on the constant of modern agriculture and food production function of the park district building as an opportunity to build Cooperation (large grain) and agricultural machinery production enterprise collaboration platform, for the service "Agriculture" to make contributions. By introducing, testing, publicity, promotion of new and efficient, ecological agriculture machinery, reduce labor intensity operations, improve agricultural operating environment, as "two areas" building equipment support for the realization of large-scale, organized, standardized production basis. Vice Mayor Hu Zhiliang fully affirmed the new agricultural machinery in the city "two areas" construction work in the winter harvest, and requested the relevant departments effectively enhance the success of the "two areas" construction, harvest winter sense of responsibility and sense of urgency do a good job to explore difficult problems and breakthrough work to promote and implement good job, pay close attention to weather changes during the late harvest, and looting sunny harvest, to ensure the harvest yield of autumn and winter and ensure the smooth development of agricultural production.