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2010 China produced over 65% of agricultural mechanization
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Ministry of Agriculture, 14, that future production of agricultural mechanization in China in 2010 the overall goal: by 2020 the main crops cultivated integrated mechanization level received more than 65%, production of basic food crops mechanization. This is the news from here at the National Agricultural mechanization job working at cross-cum-learned. Mechanization Management Division of the Ministry of Agriculture were Kam Yiu said that the current development of China's agricultural mechanization has entered the intermediate stage of development, the nation's major crops this year will exceed the level of comprehensive mechanization 50% of agricultural production achieved mainly relies on human animal to rely on historic change machinery operation based. Kam Yiu cases that China has opened up a small-scale agricultural use of large scale agricultural machinery, intensive, practical approach to modern production, greatly expanded the range of agricultural applications to improve the return on agricultural investment, which greatly aroused the enthusiasm of farmers purchase initiative with the machine. Last year, gross agricultural machinery reached 875 million kilowatts, large and medium tractors amounted to 5.019 million units to maintain, Combine amounted to 847,000 units, high-powered, high performance, multiple operating machinery to maintain a high development speed. The development of agricultural mechanization, improve labor productivity and the ability of agriculture to withstand natural disasters and speed up the progress of agricultural production. Now a farmer from the receipt of species generally only two or three hours, major wheat producing counties within the harvest time from about two weeks reduced to one week, win a valuable farming season. Compared with the manual, combines operations to reduce food losses of 5% -8% a year, saving 50 billion kg of wheat Yisa about. Kam Yiu said cases, the future development of agricultural mechanization must adhere to both the Government to promote and market guidance. Government and the agricultural departments should take the initiative to assume management of agricultural machinery safety control, quality control, maintenance of market order, emergency services and other markets do not and can not do, innovative agricultural technology finance, banking, insurance, job subsidies, fuel security, and other support policy to actively fight for the country roads in organic farming, farm sheds, service station construction and other aspects of the investment support to improve the agricultural operation and maintenance of traffic conditions, guide and promote the production and development of agricultural mechanization.