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Hohhot China Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences Branch of the 50th a
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September 10, Hohhot, China Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute 50th anniversary celebration of establishment of the hospital was held in Hohhot. Guang-Ming Niu Autonomous Region Vice Chairman, Chinese Academy of Engineering Wang Mao-hua, Luo Xiwen attend. Hohhot, China Agricultural Machinery Institute is directly under the central branch of science and technology enterprises, as the field of animal husbandry machinery and equipment important R & D base, human resources base and conversion base in Inner Mongolia, livestock and equipment science and technology innovation level Station construction, science and technology achievements, agricultural machinery and technology personnel training required to resolve regional agricultural production of major equipment, etc., made a series of fruitful results. 50 years, Hohhot Branch continued to promote technological innovation and institutional mechanisms, innovation, technological innovation and transformation capabilities and the overall strength of rapid increase, the total of 934 projects, the State And the provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress 93, patented 79. The experts also based on the conservation of grasslands in our region and agricultural needs of industrial restructuring, independent innovation developed in line with regional situation of the multi-functional side tie balers, film Water-saving drip irrigation systems under a number of modern animal husbandry engineering technology and equipment. Currently, the hospital employees has reached 1030 people (including holding companies), there have been 13 scientific and technical personnel to obtain special government allowance and the state Honors outstanding contributions to expert level in 2009 was awarded the national high-tech enterprise in 2010 and was awarded the regional "top ten autonomous national high-tech enterprises."