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Leader of modern agriculture in Heilongjiang
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"I planted 2 acres land, labor only 7 per capita of nearly 3,000 acres of farming, traditional farming methods if it is impossible, thanks to a modern farm machinery." Pacesetter in the national grain production, one of the top ten , China's first large grain Cuiyong Long excitedly told reporters: "We are through GPS global satellite positioning system, GIS geographic information system and the RS field remote sensing systems, the use of high-powered tractor, according to the level of land, soil fertility and humidity, automatically variable planting, fertilizing, over the past 20 days, job, and now three to five days to the end. "party secretary of Heilongjiang Land Reclamation Bureau, the Secretary Suifeng Fu told reporters that since 2004, they stood in the forefront of the world's agricultural development, launched a new round of modern farm machinery and equipment engineering, focused on a large number from abroad in conservation tillage, energy conservation has unique advantages such as large-scale intelligent agricultural machinery. 200 has been equipped with modern agricultural demonstration zone, Heilongjiang reclamation area in order to truly become a high-powered carrier of agricultural machinery for precision agriculture.

The largest group of agricultural machinery

Pioneering early out from the smoke of war heroes, picked up the original spade-ho, by receiving the fire plow started three Belarus, founded the first public mechanized farm. In 1963, the state of Heilongjiang reclamation area as the focus of agricultural development, when the provision of tractors 2,000 -54 East is Red. By 2000, mechanized field operations reclamation rate of 80%, and among the leading domestic level. In order to comprehensively promote the reclamation of modern agriculture, in 2004 and 2005, Heilongjiang reclamation area focused on organizing the implementation of 155 projects of modern farm machinery and equipment demonstration area, 3.5 billion investment from the United States, Case, Deere and other companies set to introduce a large number of satellite positioning , digital remote sensing, information collection system is a world-class 180-500 hp high-powered intelligent tractors, harvesters and supporting the large farm machinery. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, Reclamation invested agricultural updated 30 billion, agricultural machinery to maintain the new coefficients above 0.75. Currently, the total assets of 5.5 billion agricultural reclamation area, with 26,775 units and medium-sized tractors, combine harvester 11065 units, 31 agricultural aircraft, forming a scene from a field hospital, from the ground to the sky, China's largest agricultural machinery group.

Technology has become the wings off

"Our cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun Institute of Geography of rice developed magnetic north 23.5 west cultivation of high luminous efficiency can make the rice yield per mu of 8% -10%." Reclamation Bureau of Agriculture, Jian San Jiang Yin Gang proudly , told reporters that since 2004, their total investment in agricultural research and development branch, the application of technology promotion funds 145 million to promote the application of new achievements 20, which focused on soaking factory primed technology also won the national patent.

Heilongjiang reclamation area to the transformation of economic growth, improve the contribution rate of science and technology objectives, dedicated to scientific and technological achievements to improve the ability to support modern agriculture. Especially the "Eleventh Five-Year" since they adhere to independent innovation, the introduction and demonstration to promote digestion and then the combination of innovation, increase scientific and technological innovation, agricultural science and technology transformation rate was 82%, 67% contribution rate of agricultural science and technology, than the national average 26 percentage points higher than the level, close to the world developed countries. Known as the rice in cold rewrite the history of China's "Great Northern Wilderness father of Rice," Xu Yirong, and now 86 years old, but his presence is still active in the Great Northern Wilderness thousand fertile fields. He spent his whole life of the promotion of rice "three" diagnostic cultivation cultivation and leaf age technology, promote technological innovation reclamation testimony.

Heilongjiang reclamation area has a team of 15 research institutes, nine technology promotion centers, 103 agricultural extension stations and over 70,000 scientific and technical personnel an extensive technology support system. Relying on this system, the reclamation area to do a "scientific and technical personnel directly to the home, directly to the field varieties good law, science and technology essentials directly to the people." Forward Management District XVI rice farm households monarchy, planted 320 acres of paddy this year, according to experience low temperatures and scant rainfall, resulting in low tillering, part of the tip appears reddish brown stain article. Technical staff responsible for his family that Wu Wen-chu of the situation, immediately went to his home ground for the "diagnosis", originally had bacterial leaf spot. Because timely diagnosis, only one day work, royal family of his condition under control in rice.

Build first-class agricultural brand

Heilongjiang Reclamation through the integration of resources, optimize the layout, re-investment of more than 100 billion yuan of rice, oil, flour, malt, dairy, meat, medicine and other agricultural products comprehensive processing enterprise, to create a group leader in the province and the country with the status of enterprise groups. Ninety-three oil, Wandashan Dairy, Great Northern Wilderness rice, wheat industry in the Great Northern Wilderness Fengyuan, the Great Northern Wilderness malt five national key enterprises have become the industry leading enterprises. One ninety-three oil processing capacity of 5.5 million tons of soybean, paddy rice industry Great Northern Wilderness processing capacity of 240 tons, are among the first in the country.

In the expanding business scale, while also continue to enhance corporate industrial level. Through the introduction, digestion and absorption of advanced technology and equipment, the early processing of agricultural products to promote deep processing, and from a single product to product changes, broaden and extend the industrial chain, already has soy isoflavones, vitamin E, Ruzhen, freeze-dried powder pin number 20 in the country's leading core technologies, to further enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Currently, ninety-three oil soybean processing has become "the four gradient, five series, 36 varieties" of the product structure; Wandashan Dairy Dairy has 6 series 91 varieties.

Large-scale industrialization of agriculture leading the rise of agricultural products in Heilongjiang Reclamation farewell to the original size, in the promotion of rural household incomes, but also extended the benefits room for growth. Currently, the Heilongjiang Agricultural Reclamation each year the total turnover of foreign economic and trade more than 70 billion yuan.