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The 7th China (Wuhan) international agriculture machinery is exhibited arrangeme
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Arrange exhibition of agriculture machinery of Wuhan of the 7th China to will buy arrangement site machine allowance fund according to city finance budget 500 thousand yuan, be responsible for a task unit until it is completed for unit stripping and slicing with the area use. Among them new continent, Huang Bei, Jiang Xia, Cai Dian 4 areas each 80 thousand yuan, thing lake, Chinese south, Hong Shan 3 areas each 60 thousand yuan. Good to do this job, office of government of Wuhan city mechanization of farming made " technically the 7th China (Wuhan) spot of exhibition of international agriculture machinery buys machine allowance to carry out plan " . Its allowance object is this city farmer (farm worker) with agricultural production management service is organized. Limits of its allowance machines and tools exhibits for current exhibition and accord with agriculture of our city city to develop requirement, certificate (card of agriculture machinery identification, product certificate of approval) machine of complete of all kinds agriculture and Agricultural Machinery and Implement of form a complete set auspicious see " Wuhan of the 7th China type of allowance of spot of exhibition of machinery of agriculture of international of 7 China Wuhan. (Tu Tongming)