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Jiangxi builds a county: Begin platoon of safety of exercise of agriculture mach
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In September since the last ten-day of a month, jiangxi builds results of the late rice in the county to be rolled out in the round, also be tall hair of accident of safety of rural agriculture machinery right now period. To ensure during autumn harvest agriculture machinery safe production, agriculture machinery safe production and safe hidden trouble are big during bureau of this county agriculture machinery began autumn harvest are checked.

It is to establish superintend and director of safe production of autumn harvest agriculture machinery to check group, specific and responsible safe production of entire county agriculture machinery works. Arrive from September 20 on November 10, superintend and director is checked group set platoon of conduct propaganda of safety of two agriculture machinery, hidden trouble to consult a group, be in charge of building a county to fluctuate respectively platoon of two safe conduct propaganda of an area, hidden trouble investigates the work. Personnel is given priority to with comrade of inspect manage station, each concern a room to transfer personnel cooperates. Specific work is in charge of by station of manage of inspect of agriculture machinery safety.

2 it is the fundamental that examines who to be in charge of according to who, on the safe production examination of the safe education that this bureau puts the emphasis of safe examination in masses of pair of rural machine hands, farmer and combine harvester. The main content of the examination is: Yearly check of combinative agriculture machinery year machinery of careful examination agriculture is not had without card illuminate according to travel, card without travel of yearly check travel, mechanical in spite of illness, tractor overload is carried wait for a phenomenon, the key of the examination is the safe operation of the combine harvester.

3 it is the platoon checks the job to begin a month to come, comrades overcome difficulty, insist to work in a gleam of. Issue 16 villages and towns to undertake agriculture machinery safety is taught, come to handle tractor travel card for machine hand 87, conduction driver's license 117. In process of check of cropland check road, correct violate the rules and regulations 98 cases, exercise of the ability after the combination that corrects combine harvester driver to violate compasses operation 12 cases to be opposite 43 to did not deploy fire extinguisher by the regulation among them reaps requirement machine hand to must deploy eligible fire extinguisher to mower persuades leave on the combine harvester violate the rules and regulations takes 73 people 43 cases, undertook serious criticism to the driver, undertook to the villager safe accident is taught, utmost ground reduced the happening of safe accident, because job of agriculture machinery safe production is seasonable, meticulous, thorough, autumn harvest exercise did not produce accident of agriculture machinery safety one case so far.
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