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Platoon of hidden trouble of agriculture machinery of Guangxi guest in relief co
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Carry out the working requirement that fulfils the State Council to administer year of ” about hidden trouble of safe production “ for development, conserve truly safe production of prefectural agriculture machinery, prevent and put an end to agriculture machinery to weigh the happening of especially big accident, the life property that ensures numerous people is safe, management department of agriculture machinery of guest in relief county came to began agriculture machinery hidden trouble to discharge processing job in entire county organization on September 25 from June 20, 2008, agriculture machinery safe production is not had one case during liability accident happening, got clear result.

It is to catch good investigation to try to find out the real intention, had mastered circumstance of hidden danger of safety of entire county agriculture machinery;

2 it is the guiding ideology that platoon of clear hidden danger checks processing to work and working target, ensure agricultural machinery safety moves;

3 it is to establish an orgnaization, strengthen constituent leader, make platoon of whole hidden trouble checks ground of processing work in an orderly way to undertake;

4 it is a force tissue that checks processing, make sure hidden trouble platoon checks processing not to take dead space;

5 it is to increase rural traffic safe production to publicize working strength, put an end to tractor violate the rules and regulations to carry support of the people from fountainhead agricultural the violate the rules and regulations that carriage car carries a passenger illegally violates act;

6 it is to strengthen counterpoise to choose monitoring of rural viatic road surface and government, prevent group die the agriculture machinery accident of group of injuries happens;

7 it is rigorous management, lawfully administration, assure agricultural machinery to move below normal technical condition;

8 it is clear responsibility, catch condominium together, make platoon of whole hidden trouble checks processing job to obtain materiality result.

(Huang Bingjian)