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Sichuan tall county: Paddle of eight of a low bank of earth between fields of
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Bring the demand of inspect total bureau according to Ministry of Agriculture and country, combinative Sichuan saves current situation of security of tall county agriculture machinery, bureau of prefectural agriculture machinery, county installed inspect bureau to be made jointly " found restful agriculture machinery about beginning “ , the executive plan that promotes new rural area to build ” activity " , the demand comes to was organized seriously in entire county 2008 from 2006 begin ” of “ restful agriculture machinery to establish an activity. Come 3 years, the specific requirement of bureau of tall county agriculture machinery according to executive plan, ground of solid and effective, in an orderly way begins each to found the job, through the effort of unremitting, built whole society to pay close attention to the good society atmosphere of agriculture machinery of agriculture machinery safety, collective construction security jointly.

For cogent each requirement that fulfils ” of “ restful agriculture machinery to establish an activity, raise the consciousness of agriculture machinery safety of broad masses effectively, reduce the happening of agriculture machinery accident, stimulative agriculture machinery is changed fast develop well again and construction of socialistic new rural area, bureau of prefectural agriculture machinery began actively according to the requirement that establishs ” of “ restful agriculture machinery, standard, schedule found the job below:

Was to hold water to be a group leader with director of agriculture machinery bureau, director of be assigned personal responsibility for of the agriculture machinery bureau, bureau that bring watch is assistant group leader, ” of restful agriculture machinery founds the “ that section chief of form a partnership of put together of the stationmaster of station of manage of agriculture machinery inspect, bureau that bring watch is a member mobile job heads a group, made an activity implement plan, founded working job to make specific arrangement deploy to each;

2 it is strict according to “ ” of restful agriculture machinery sets an example villages and towns, demonstrative village, set an example door establish a standard, decided good, tractor has situation estimate rate of exercise of big, mechanization range of tall, radiate is wide, have effect of fan out from point to area come answer town is “ ” of demonstrative town of restful agriculture machinery, in relief still village, Sha He presses down lunar Jiang Zhen day of government office village, come village of the land of country of country of village of village of Yan of countryside of village of answer town either end of a bridge, 4 intense, Qing Ling, Wen Jiang presses down sweet-scented osmanthus village, fall village of embellish country red star, collect field, chapter of 100 abide by chose to defend discipline, agriculture machinery to operate technical level in ” of demonstrative village of “ restful agriculture machinery taller, attitude of attending to guests economic benefits is good, good, in masses credit spends expensive agriculture machinery door for “ restful agriculture machinery sets an example a ” ;
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