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Heilongjiang north installs: Strengthen agriculture machinery market to superint
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For cogent the obligation that fulfils good law place to gift, implementation is in charge of lawfully machine, according to law machine, heilongjiang saves black Heibei to installed city to strengthen sale of pair of agriculture machinery exercise, agriculture machinery and agriculture machinery to maintain 3 big markets to superintend lawfully, ensure north installs health of career of city agriculture machinery to develop quickly.

It is the superintendency strength that enhanced pair of agriculture machinery markets. According to “ one law accredit of one byelaw ” , north installs city agriculture machinery to execute the law personnel development reachs business of production, maintenance, sale, publicize two laws extensively. To whole town 5 businesses that pursue agriculture machinery production undertake registering putting on record, correct to pressing what the regulation puts on record to charge within a definite time; Undertake to whole town agriculture machinery is sold and maintaining a site nucleus of full-scale technology condition is sent, extend in all " certificate of approval of technology of agriculture machinery sale " 19, extend " certificate of approval of condition of technology of agriculture machinery maintenance " 31. The severity in the examination investigated the practice that do not have card door of course of study and worker of maintenance of agriculture machinery technology do not have mount guard of technical grade certificate to wait for behavior from course of study, normative the market manages order, purified agriculture machinery market.

2 it is aggrandizement of market of field to agriculture machinery exercise supervise. Produce the effect of supervisor of quality of agriculture machinery exercise adequately, supervisor of quality of exercise of 70 agriculture machinery of whole town according to " Heilongjiang saves field exercise quality to supervise administrative measure " requirement, card mount guard is held between campaign, had done field quality to supervise examination work with all one's strength, reduce exercise quality issue.

3 it is right supervisor of quality of exercise of sale, maintenance technician, agriculture machinery presses a requirement to undertake post grooms entirely, hold card mount guard from personnel of course of study.

4 it is management action of market of farther normative agriculture machinery, agriculture machinery executes the law personnel is supervised with industrial and commercial, technology wait for a branch to be coordinated actively cooperate to begin an inspection, ban and blow is fake product, purified agriculture machinery market.