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Hubei assist fences: 4 measure strengthen agriculture machinery safety to contro
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One, unified understanding, height takes agriculture machinery safety seriously to control administrative job

Each district and each should be known adequately about the branch and safety of way of country of rural economics of safe production of correct processing good agriculture machinery and stimulative agriculture production, development, safeguard is expedite the relation that stabilizes with the society, cogent the leadership that strengthens job of safe to agriculture machinery supervisory management. The main assessment quota that wants the agriculture machinery safe production such as a number of death of agriculture machinery accident administers a target integratedly to examine content as various government safe production, security of society. What should maintain orgnaization of job of manage of agriculture machinery inspect and staff is relatively stable, safe production of arrangement agriculture machinery is special working funds, increase equipment of technology of orgnaization of manage of inspect of agriculture machinery safety to build investment, ensure orgnaization of manage of inspect of agriculture machinery safety runs effectively.

2, aggrandizement management, the card disease that catchs good agriculture machinery lawfully supervises the work

Various government should supervise and urge the management that agriculture machinery branch strengthens pair of tractors and combine harvester. Want a foundation " law of safety of transportation of road of People's Republic of China " and " Hubei province mechanization of farming promotes byelaw " regulation, to all tractors (contain a walking tractor) , the combine harvester executes card card management. New purchased tractor, combine harvester is being purchased safety of local agriculture machinery must arrive inside 3 months inspect manage branch deals with the formalities that register, explain the card card that gets the whole nation to unite. Purchase what have not deal with a formalities before, must fill do a procedure, explain the card that receive order. Forbidden investment of the tractor that did not obtain card evidence, combine harvester is used.

3, strengthen cooperate, form the agriculture machinery safety that stresses condominium together to superintend a mechanism

Establish perfect “ government responsible, agriculture machinery advocate catch, sectional efforts, society is participated in, the agriculture machinery safety that stresses condominium ” fluctuation linkage, together superintends working mechanism. It is to fulfil system of safety responsibility seriously. Each county (city) hand of machine of unit of manage of inspect of safety of district government and branch of agriculture machinery director, agriculture machinery, farmer is layer upon layer sign responsibility form, fulfil responsibility of agriculture machinery safety to the unit, to villages and towns, to village group, to the individual. Should regular begin agriculture machinery safe production to execute the law monitoring circumstance superintend and director is checked, ensure responsibility of agriculture machinery safe production reachs the designated position, monitoring rigor, posture is stable. 2 it is to strengthen platoon of hidden trouble of agriculture machinery accident to check. Each district should increase pair of villages, door the safe inspection that orders with the important monitoring such as operation area region, strengthen in time rectify and reform, decrease and eliminate hidden danger of agriculture machinery accident. 3 it is to strengthen a branch to cooperate. Finance, public security, traffic, prices, install the concerned branch such as inspect, qualitative inspect to want to support agriculture machinery safety to supervise the work, cooperate each other with agriculture machinery management department, close cooperation, do well jointly the safe supervisory management of agricultural machinery. Department of agriculture machinery, public security, transportation should begin platoon of hidden danger of agriculture machinery safety to check according to respective duty, key blow tractor breaks the law carry person, overspeed overweighted, violate the act such as start off travel without card without the card. The couplet of “ team station that carries out group of public security policeman and station of manage of inspect of prefectural stage agriculture machinery actively to execute the law jointly is diligent ” system, safety of farther aggrandizement agriculture machinery executes the law superintend. 4 it is to carry out safe responsibility strictly to find out make. To the accident of heavy especially big agriculture machinery that produce, according to “ the 4 principles that do not let off ” investigate processing, the responsibility of the person that gravity investigates relevant unit and duty.
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