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Liaoning n city: ズ people adze clean battles bastinado of Qia of Gou Yin ┟
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Liaoning visits n town today autumn industry of intercrop of agriculture machinery cropland is intimate all the more, arrive from September 27 on October 10, n city, clear former county, new guest county, suitable the city zone held machine of corn, paddy to receive the spot to meet respectively, whole town was lifted machine receive exercise climax.

N city is broad this year agriculture machinery door purchases allowance to purchase corn results aircraft through agriculture machinery machine of results of 29 stage, paddy 9, chinese traditional medicine is obtained since material machine 2, make machine of results of whole town corn retains the quantity achieves 46, paddy results machine achieves 36, chinese traditional medicine is obtained since material machine achieve 25, prop up to realize whole town machine to received the task to offer effective machines and tools, whole town today autumn predicting implementation machine receives 60 thousand mus, start calendar year new tall.

Former county of n city Qing Dynasty, suitable the city zone is decided to be corn protection to plow county of project county, new guest to be mechanization of paddy whole journey to set an example by the province county. Paddy corn machinery is harvested is chemical industry of n city agriculture machinery in making the most important also be most weak point, also be the key of target of the item that finish. Management department of agriculture machinery of each county area combines agriculture machinery to turn a project, close with machine of corn, paddy for breach, advance n city agriculture machinery actively to change development. In recent years, city county area through holding the spot meeting, zip is met, demonstrate to meet, groom the form such as meeting and news media conduct propaganda enlarges propagandist report, use agriculture machinery nearly 5 years to purchase allowance especially benefit farming policy, make forehead of allowance of partial machines and tools is spent achieve 60% , bought opportunity risk to reduce, the purchasing power of farmer rose, make gains level had n city machinery to rise apparently.

Machine of results of combination of corn, paddy is one-time achievable straw smashs still cropland, pick spic to decorticate (threshing) , discharge provisions works, part more managing than be being reaped artificially 50 yuan, 100 yuan, efficiency is artificial 15-40, 40 times the left and right sides; Paddy machine receives every mus to be able to reduce left and right sides of 3—5% of paddy rice loss, it is to realize a farmer to add close, the efficient way of grain increase production. Especially as labour force to 2, 3 industries move, more and more farmers go into town work, go abroad earn money, power of rural surplus labor decreases, solve grain production to become agricultural country urgent matter, below current condition, agriculture machinery is changed reveal might, also be agriculture machinery operator seizes opportunity, increase the optimal period of income.
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