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Bureau of Xing in relief agriculture machinery founds effect of study office act
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Since July, bureau of agriculture machinery of Xing in relief city begins “ to establish study office energetically inside global limits, contend for do activity of study cadre ” , from policy theory, professional ability and integral quality proceed with, contend for do study office activity to regard as raise style of work of quality of cadre worker whole, change, raise the efficient way of work efficiency, effectively drove the development that establishs an activity to begin, obtained apparent effect.

One, innovation study means, humanness plays increase apparently

Learn widely according to fundamental condition of the individual and hobby, interest. If be opposite literature, science and technology, when politics wait for knowledge, basically give priority to with individual self-study. Pass study, make everybody can become ” of erudite “ the Eclectics, become with when the person that all takes, become the person of contented joy. Pass study, will be an upright person in the brains that working correct concept permeates cadre of every mechanism cadre, fostered them active up working concept and be an upright person correctly played sunshine state of mind.

2, outstanding study key, business technical ability rises apparently

In learning a process, we pay attention to theory and real phase union, accomplish the study in innovating, work in study, do one's best accomplishs working study double promote, double rise. Stress a focal point, highlight specific aim, take different study kind to different content. In the light of the business of each branches the job and agriculture machinery concern policy code, meticulous essence learns in a planned way, organically. If be entered in car door, hang out one's shingle, in the study of relevant professional knowledge such as vet, pass study, make everybody is familiar with business, become the connoisseur expert of own job.

3, get conduction band head to give lessons, study atmosphere is apparently grumous

By party card the leader heads head study, while team member is holding to central group to learn, still be the first give lessons, day learns in concentration, the leader that is in charge of giving lessons and mechanism cadre participate in study jointly, spread out actively discuss. To at present, already organized concentration to give lessons 12 times. Learn way through innovating, the study interest of broad cadre worker is stronger, the consciousness of study and initiative also rose, change “ wants me to learn ” to be “ I should learn ” , formed good study general mood and atmosphere.
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