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Fund of allowance of agriculture machinery of the county that face laurel falls
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The county that face laurel carries out equipment of contemporary agriculture machinery to boost project and capital of agriculture machinery allowance this year one million four hundred and eighty thousand eight hundred yuan, cash among them the farmer buys machine allowance fund one million two hundred and eighty thousand eight hundred yuan, cash allowance of agriculture machinery derv providing disaster relief 200 thousand yuan. To ensure national benefit farming policy is fulfilled reach the designated position, management department of agriculture machinery of prefectural villages and towns passes short message of TV station, the press, mobile phone to wait multiform undertook be propagandisted widely starting, accomplish widely known of policy of agriculture machinery allowance. Formulate fund of agriculture machinery allowance cashs working measure, accomplished “ to make public ” , “ 4 arrive a ” , “ 5 forbid ” . “ makes public ” namely agriculture machinery allowance cashs the job undertakes publicly; “ 4 to door ” shows policy is publicized door, machines and tools is checked door, allowance informs door, capital cashs door; “ 5 forbid ” to forbid do sth without authorization to adjust allowance computation basis and subsidy level namely, forbid to hold back, crowded occupy, fund of allowance of divert agriculture machinery, forbid to be touched with allowance fund deduct all sorts of tax cost, loan, money, forbid without reason time of protracted allowance cash, forbid to cash in allowance in the job to farmer collection any charge.

Good as a result of policy, conduct propaganda reachs the designated position, measure reachs the designated position, formed a farmer to buy the favorable situation of machine enthusiasm climax. According to statistic, entire county shared 426 farmers and agricultural service organization to buy the of all kinds Agricultural Machinery and Implement that accords with allowance catalog 426. Among them mower 63 stage, rice transplanter 8 stage, large and medium-sized tractor 2 stage, tractors and small agrarian plane 353. Divide outside buying machine allowance fund, pull move local farmer and organization of agriculture machinery service to throw agriculture machinery to spend development fund 5.36 million yuan, increase total value of agriculture machinery capital newly 7.255 million yuan. With go up year of photograph comparing, the farmer that enjoys subsidy and service organization amount grow 235% , allowance amount grows 2.482 million yuan.

(Jiang Yunfei)