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Standard of equipment of contemporary agriculture machinery promotes the county
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2008, below the guiding that purchases allowance policy in national agriculture machinery, country of the county that face laurel sadly arisen a farmer buys machine upsurge. Recently, li Quande of farmer of horizontal village of 4 ponds countryside leaves answered to plough overall. He tells the author: This machine child total prices 2900 yuan, enjoy national subsidy 1000 multivariate, the country goes out now many what work, cropland cultivates lack labor force, had machine relaxed. He still says, one of Lin Guizhen is called machine hand of Zhou Yaoming, bought foreign horse mower last year, achieve one year receive ten yuan. In recent years, the exert oneself point that bureau of this county agriculture machinery regards agricultural industrialization as the mechanization of farming will catch, make full use of Wu of broadcasting television, village publishs column, put the form such as the handbill that send announce, publicize policy of allowance of national agriculture machinery extensively, bureau of prefectural agriculture machinery still debutted to refer a telephone call, the allowance limits that makes farmer sufficient understand agriculture machinery, object and program. Because conduct propaganda reachs the designated position, measure reachs the designated position, entire county agriculture machinery changes equipment standard to get promoting considerably, agriculture machinery structure is optimized further. End at present, entire county adds mower newly 43, its are medium or small feed mower completely 33, feed mower partly 5, large and medium-sized feed mower completely 5, those who show entire county mower retain the quantity achieved 83; Rice transplanter achieved the breakthrough of 0, add rice transplanter newly 8; Add a hand newly to procrastinate 100 stage, agrarian overall 245 wait. According to statistic, total motive force of agriculture machinery of entire 2007 county achieves two hundred and two thousand three hundred kilowatt, than going up year of growth 5% ; Agricultural tractor 3750, than going up year of growth 3.8% , level of agriculture machinery exercise rises ceaselessly, annual tractor-ploughing, machine is sowed, machine the gross area that control achieves 520 thousand mus, entire county cultivates receive integrated mechanization level to achieve 17% , than going up year increased 2.3 percent.

Insufflate of the ground like spring breeze of plan of national benefit civil administration in heart of millions upon millions farmer, it is difficult that the farmer buys machine enthusiasm to upsurge low,

(Jiang Yunfei)