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Shaanxi eyebrow county: Firm catchs agriculture machinery safety to execute the
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" law of road transportation safety " reach a Ministry of Agriculture ” of 3 “ regulation, 4 “ normative ” is promulgated after carrying out, agricultural machinery and agriculture machinery drive management of person static state gets farther standard is mixed strengthen, but agriculture is mechanical dynamic managing somewhat abate, express especially show those who check the work to execute the law in agriculture machinery safety begin on. Station of manage of inspect of safety of agriculture machinery of Shaanxi eyebrow county faces new situation of inspect manage job, rapid change idea, development enterprising, report actively with the branch that bring watch to the government, strive for support, in recent years, hold to an organization to begin work of go on a tour of inspection of agriculture machinery safety all the time, obtained the favorable result that provides with checking hurried. Current, be worth season of autumn harvest autumn planting, agriculture is mobile and mechanical exercise, frequent, agriculture machinery hand and strength of farmer masses exercise are great, grow in quantity of hidden trouble of agriculture machinery accident. For cogent strengthen safety of autumn agriculture machinery to supervise the work, fulfil safe superintendency obligation lawfully, accident of agriculture machinery of keep within limits happens, ensure safety of production of autumn agriculture machinery undertakes in order, superintendency work of safety of agriculture machinery of our region of union of station of manage of inspect of eyebrow county agriculture machinery is real, spread out new round agriculture machinery safety executes the law examination activity, in execute the law to in checking the work, they are publicized from aggrandizement and be added rustic way is reached to examine strength between land for growing field crops two respects begin, the organization stands completely personnel of 16 inspect manage, by the station the leader heads a group, cent is two groups, thorough village road reachs field threshing ground, to having card travel, drive without card, after violate the rules and regulations carries person, wine, drive, overspeed overload, do not throw exercise to wait for behavior of all sorts of illegal violate the rules and regulations to undertake clearing via the yearly check punish, act on “ to protect at the same time civilian restful, aid civilian add the aim that stops ” , abide by “ strictly to stop heavy education, light punishment, much service, less the principle of ” , register to having the machine hand of card to send deadline to deal with without the card, textual research " administrative advice note " , violate act of violate the rules and regulations in the light of its, undertake the chapter has the education that occupies meticulous patience face-to-face having, make consciousness of safe production, legal system gets farmer machine hand rise further. In the meantime, raise service consciousness further, basically be aimed at engine safety technical condition, safe preventive measure, drive the problem that the respect such as operating rules exists gives the person in time the peasant give solve and coach, got the understanding of farmer machine hand and support, below the circumstance that is in weak force in job of manage of inspect of current agriculture machinery, strengthened the social force of orgnaization of manage of agriculture machinery inspect. Came on October 6 on October 12, eyebrow county dispatchs in all examination car many 60 (second) , examination exercise tractor 1234 (second) , correct all sorts of violate the rules and regulations 800 (second) , processing does not have card travel engine 156, drive without card personnel 78 people, make agriculture machinery violated behavior to get further keep within limits. (1000)

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