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Xinjiang holds li of county in the palm to begin investigation of quality of agr
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Xinjiang holds bureau of li of prefectural agriculture machinery in the palm to investigate mobile development to begin to boost quality of agriculture machinery product, on September 25 —10 month 10 days, composition of personnel of manage of promotion of constituent agriculture machinery, inspect visits group development entire county the user of the partial Agricultural Machinery and Implement that two towns are opposite 4 countryside to be purchased in recent years undertakes visitting investigating.

Visit group group to harvest machine, baler, corn to harvest machine and Agricultural Machinery and Implement of form a complete set to drill of tractor of great horse power, potato, potato in all 142 (frame) undertook all-around investigation. In investigation the staff member in visitting a process enquires agriculture machinery product uses a case in detail, listen to opinion and proposal seriously and on record.

Carry investigation, the respect such as quality of the maneuverability to machinery, adaptability, service offers broad user more reasonable requirement, hope distributors makes great efforts more on 3 packets of services, the proposal produces business, distributors to use forefront to visit much understanding more to the product personally, undertake actively improvement to agriculture machinery product, well applicable place plows a requirement. (south figured woven silk material)