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Jiangxi is peaceful county: Inspect of aggrandizement agriculture machinery mana
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This year, jiangxi is peaceful the county takes culture of “ of manage of inspect of measure aggrandizement agriculture machinery window ” construction.

It is to implement regulations system strictly. Build carry out strictly soundly head ask system of job responsibility, one-time inform make, in a limited time do a knot to make, service acceptance is made, responsibility is found out make wait for working system, announce handle affairs flow, accept a society to supervise, rise hard handle affairs the sense of responsibility of personnel.

2 it is to optimize examine and approve handle affairs flow. Ask according to concerned law laws and regulations, undertake in time combing to examining and approve item to conduct technological process, amalgamative optimize, establish conduction guideline, make public in office place, the farmer masses be clear at a glance that makes handle affairs, rose to handle affairs efficiency.

3 it is the capacity that increases service masses. Strengthen what accept personnel to doing card window to examine and approve to groom education, the key learns laws and regulations of agriculture machinery business, law to wait for knowledge, enhance post technical ability hard, promote normative and efficient service.

4 it is aggrandizement job lead. The examination that be assigned personal responsibility for leads specific and responsible window handling card works, ensure administration examines and approve the job efficient advance, make agricultural machinery hangs out his shingle, change card, hair card to do knot rate to achieve on time 100% , the satisfactory rate of farmer masses is achieved 100% . (Guo Minghui)