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How does hidden trouble still put plant protection machinery to had entered qual
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The character of the result of prevention and cure that the actor bad of the stand or fall of quality of product of plant protection machinery and specifications reachs immediate impact to be killed to rat of ill Chinese caterpillar fungus, produce, environmental protection and the person of the person that use drug are safe. Allowance of incomplete of agriculture chemical of product of its middle peasant exceeds the problem of mark to be highlighted most, the produce exit that brings about our country already measures acute to decrease and the influence is achieved collect, more serious is those who affected a countryman is healthy.

Hidden trouble is outstanding

Should say, at present quality of product of industry of plant protection machinery is good on overall level, but problem of a few quality still is.

Bearing type atomizer is our country uses the most general plant protection machine, those who have nearly 70 million retain quantity, assuming 60% agricultural plant diseases and insect pests of our country of the left and right sides task of prevention and cure, its fill medical container is plastic products. In recent years, plastic reach its product value to rise substantially, and the sale price that bears type atomizer did not rise or rise scope is very little, of raw material rise considerably squeeze the profit space that occupied generator. What together with market competes is intense, many industries survive to be in to get jerry reducing makings fluctuation time especially, reduce ply, contractible size, adding a makings is flotsam phenomenon common occurance even, cause its the issue such as difference of function of compression of component of hidden danger of safety of air room existence, eject is outstanding.

And in recent years the competition between component enterprise is compared overall the competition between manufacturing company is more intense. It is with Shandong Linyi exemple, 2002, the power of form a complete set that Linyi city has a production and sparge duster only is small-sized the manufacturing company of gasoline engine carburettor, ended have 8 to 2006. The ” of mace of main “ killer that competes between them is the price, as concomitant as low be quality is inferior.

In the meantime, plant protection machinery is belonged to in our country seasonal manufacturing product, be in commonly the traditional Chinese calendar begins production after year, halted production in August. Seasonal the oldest corrupt practice of production is production worker flow is large, the enterprise lacks specialized worker, assemble horizontal nature won't tall.
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