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Market of our country small-sized grab grows the current situation and trend ana
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Rate of development of market of our country small-sized grab is very impressive, it is to drive industry of machinery of our country project especially a when grab industry grows fundamental strength, also be to drive the main power that profit of industry of our country grab increases to prop up, having decisive place. Small-sized grab with its cabinet, agile, muti_function, efficient distinct advantage, make the ideal equipment that project of cubic meter of earth uses increasingly, user demand expands ceaselessly. Ground of roiling on with full force of domestic and international company enters market of Chinese small-sized grab, explain economic benefits of small-sized grab trade is considerable, development perspective is broad. This report analyses the development current situation that studied market of our country small-sized grab, thorough understanding is little dig an industry, objective analysis market grows influencing factor, offer certain proposal, have certain help to the control of small-sized grab market.

General situation of product of 1 small-sized grab

1.1 products definition reachs function

By Chinese project machinist branch of trade association excavating machinery is organizing the new grab country standard that establish (first draft) in the definition that offers small-sized grab, namely overall weight is less than the crawler that is equal to 13T or annulus type grab a general designation is small-sized grab, among them overall weight is less than what the grab of 6T says to call miniature grab. Small-sized grab is main by structural member assembly, enclothe an assembly, walk the 8 much such as system of device, rotator, hydraulic pressure, power system, electric equipment system and air conditioning are formed among them of most crucial core is hydraulic pressure system and dynamical system. Small-sized grab basically is used at rehabilitate of project of small-sized cubic metro of earth and stone, municipal project, road surface, concrete broken, bury the laid that sets conduit of cable, tap water, gardens to help advance somebody's career reach project of silt of wadi brook Qing Dynasty. Small-sized grab has the multinomial function of medium-sized grab, have again carry, specific power consumption, flexibility, suit, efficient the advantage that waits for a respect, special apply to the construction field with narrow space to work.

1.2 products apply a characteristic

Small-sized grab price low, quality is light, maintain maintenance is convenient, have distinct advantage. Because its are cabinet, agile, muti_function,mix efficient wait for a characteristic, extremely the reception that gets an user.

The first, extensive applicability. Small dig bulk small, for emergency use is flexible, special the exercise such as construction of all sorts of conduit excavate that apply to town, foundation, public utility and building maintenance. Small dig compact bulk, special design to make its can be in large grab cannot have operation in the environment of construction.
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