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Try those who talk orientaton of manage of inspect of agriculture machinery safe
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The inspect of 20 agriculture machinery safety that come for years manage a tractor (threshing machine) the safe travel of the combine harvester and exercise the key as the job, and in order to hang out one's shingle, examine, the road is checked, textual research is main measure (when agricultural when carriage car is flourishing this job key ever also happened shake move) . In actual life of manage of agriculture machinery inspect still is a “ the part of 2 policemans ” , also a lot of people are happy to do, contending for when “ assist alarm ” . Individual and character give no cause for more criticism, will tell with respect to an industry having toing say is a kind embarrassed with but!

" the mechanization of farming promotes a doctrine " , " law of road transportation safety " promulgate carry out, scientific progress watchs carry out, the past that asks people examines inspect of agriculture machinery safety to manage afresh and now, compose builds the future that agriculture machinery inspect manages.

   One, the whole process that manage of inspect of agriculture machinery safety faces agriculture machinery to work

In light of the dimensions that manages with respect to degree of our country mechanization of farming and farmer production, behoove of inspect of agriculture machinery safety should realize the whole process inspect that agriculture machinery works to manage. Drive the technical condition of unit of the aptitude that handles a person, tractor, combine harvester needs to supervise, especially the exercise quality of agriculture machinery needs to supervise more (sow quality, results quality) . Annual 3 summer ” crosses “ division results also is machine hand and the season that grow a contradictory frequency hair, results quality is most outstanding. If we are the exercise quality levels that have an industry not merely, have a special supervisory orgnaization however, not was a farmer to do a good work for the market namely.

   2, what manage of inspect of agriculture machinery safety faces agriculture machinery to work is all-around

The mechanization of farming liberated a farmer, but configuration processing is undeserved also bring damage to the farmer. Stubble of combine harvester Mai Liu is exorbitant bring it is difficult to sow, wheat straw lays the ground not picking up (show protection is plowed) , a burn the grass on waste land, 10 lis join camp, burn fruit tree dead, polluted an environment. Here has the blind area of code, also have superintend be short of break. Orgnaization of manage of inspect of agriculture machinery of agriculture machinery management department should be brave assume a “ to ban the task that burns ” . Still have a very big waste, but still be ignored, aggravation of motor vehicle technical condition exceeds bad news oil to exceed blowdown. Abroad ever somebody points out: 10 thousand thousands of low function of Chinese are agricultural car since wastes large family of the sources of energy, also be the large family of blowdown. Agricultural machinery is in often use process exceeds a platoon mediumly, not only the attention that should cause a society, and should pass legislation, by agriculture machinery branch lawfully inspect manages. Additional, be in discard as useless to be used of the agricultural machinery of condition in great quantities, since safety hidden danger, it is contaminative fountainhead more. Carry out be restricted to exceeding of agriculture machinery discard as useless compulsively, it is behoove of agriculture machinery inspect is become more cogent the duty that take on.
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