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Analysis: International manufacturer annulus the innovation of type fork-lift tr
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2007, the energy-saving sex of fork-lift truck product, security, comfortable sex and the characteristic such as facilitating maintenance got the widespread attention of the industry. Have during this a large number of this kind product of round of type fork-lift truck come in market be goinged to by investment. However, the circumstance that tire is not worth for goods remains round of type fork-lift truck to supply one of catenary soft costal region.

Discharged code to begin go into effect in the light of the engine from Duan Xin of power of 37 ~ 75kW in January 2008; 130 ~ 560kW and power of 75 ~ 130kW paragraph engine discharges code to also parted to undertook modification 2007 at was being mixed 2006. Suffer this effect, almost all new the engine that fork-lift truck configured round of type that leave factory to accord with StageIIIA/Tier3 standard. The choose and buy on the CONEXPO-CON/AGG fair that if you are in,the portion played Siweijiasi in March 2008 a word of round of type fork-lift truck, those item on display meet you feel dazzling certainly. The product that the article introduced a few when famous fork-lift truck makes manufacturer on the world to provide a characteristic quite in the respect such as energy-saving, safety and comfortable sex and a few problems that are cared generally in fork-lift truck production process.

Korea is contemporary the HL780-7A of the company fork-lift truck is one of round of the biggest type fork-lift truck on CONEXPO-CON/AGG exposition, this mechanic makes weight 29.3t, rated power is 250kW. According to Korea is contemporary 2006 supply a contract with what Keyes signs the United States, HL780-7A fork-lift truck is seen in Bencibo on the meeting with Keyes the exterior style of the company and audience meet. According to the agreement, HL780-7A fork-lift truck will stick CASE brand sale in North America, Europe, Africa and middle east area. Contemporary to this J.J.Kim of heavy industry executive vice president expresses contemporary heavy industry is very glad that the quality of this equipment and function can acquire world top class manufacturer Keyes of the company approbate, he thinks this and the engineering capability of the contemporary world-class that weigh labour are not differentiated.

The company is in Keyes Munich Bauma was exhibited 2007 went up to also exhibit a few new products, work among them weight is 159kW of 17.2t, rated power, and the 821E that accords with StageIIIA/Tier3 standard fork-lift truck is the most conspicuous. Bottles of this opportunity is the greatest look can achieve 3.4m³ . The company shows Keyes, while the new-style engine that 821E fork-lift truck configures is reducing oily cost, offer more than product of its previous generation the dynamical performance of 11% , and its are had taller uninstall height, fight a capacity to also compare its previous generation product is old 4% .

Modern corporation is in Munich Bauma exhibited the new-style Dash7A fork-lift truck that go up to use new-style motor not only 2007, still have a few other characteristics: New embedded operation lever, have change automatically low blocked Control Panel of function, cab to deploy graphic, use automata mode to wait, reduced transmission time, reduce fuel to use up thereby.
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