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Machinery of our country agriculture purchases analysis of allowance area demand
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The 16th National Congress of Communist Party of China puts forward to want to build contemporary agriculture, of the party seventeen emphasize developing contemporary agriculture again greatly, put forward to take way of modernization of Chinese characteristic agriculture then, this is the Party Central Committee sets out from overall situation, the new case that develops in the light of agricultural country, new change, new condition, new job and the major strategy that make is decision-making. Agricultural machinery is the main tool that agriculture manufactures, it is the main mark of the corporeal base that expands contemporary agriculture and agricultural modernization level. Since carrying out agricultural machinery to purchase allowance policy 2004, machinery of our country agriculture retains the volume rises quickly, level of mechanization of farming rises substantially. The basic method that scientific progress watchs depends on making overall plans and take all factors into consideration. Machinery of different area agriculture develops thorough systems analysis demand, machinery of good to fulfilling agriculture purchases allowance policy, mechanization of farming of stimulative our country good rapid development has main effect and far-reaching sense.

Agricultural machinery purchases allowance effect analysis

The country carries out agricultural machinery to purchase allowance policy, it is to develop a mechanization of farming, raise agricultural put together to add up to productivity, stimulative farmer is added close. Policy carries out 4 years to come the effect is good, its are basic experience is the primary purpose that supports the country policy and culminating sex intent incorporate, implement the allowance operation method that has a choice, aggrandizement the oriented action of allowance policy. According to what the Ministry of finance and Ministry of Agriculture combined print and distribute twice 2005 " agricultural machinery purchases allowance special fund uses government temporary measure " , agricultural machinery purchases allowance to execute “ 5 formulate ” operation method, namely competition of allowance machines and tools is preferred choose make, allowance fund pays centrally make, be benefited the target is official show make, management is supervised make and effect assessment is made. “ 5 in making ” make allowance fund fulfils farmer hand truly not only, and conducted industrial development effectively. Compete through allowance machines and tools especially preferred filtration method, machinery of the dynamical machinery that makes a few quality good, cultivation machinery, planter instrument, results, plant protection machinery include allowance list, in in last few years allowance fund falls relative to less state of affairs, stressed allowance focal point, ensured quality of machines and tools, improved after service, revealed allowance effect, basically reflect in the following respects:
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