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Fundamental component depends on an entrance to restrict trade of machine of our
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Reporter near future is in Xu Gong, medium the machine of domestic large project such as couplet heavy division, 31 groups makes an enterprise interview understanding to arrive, component of foundation of industry of machinery of our country project counts foreign import, person of be enslaved to be enslaved to. Foreign supplier business is in fundamental component supply, price, offer the many sided such as goods period, norms to begin to adopt restriction to me in succession, at the same time the formulate of a few policy is mixed problem of the existence in carrying out, the normal evolution that affects an industry and do do greatly strong.

The industry profit of about 70% is eaten off by entrance component

Hunan Province has company of machinery of project of 29 dimensions above, among them 3 to appear on the market company. According to statistic of association of project of Hunan Province machinery, in the lead plane product that company of machinery of dimensions above project produces, the entrance cost such as component occupies the 40% above of production cost. Inc. of 31 heavy industry carries out president Yi Xiaogang to say, the enterprise purchases advantageous to optimizing a product raw material and component from global market, accord with economic rule originally. But a when project machine regards equipment as manufacturing industry principal property, its foundation component counts an import, go against national industry safety. To the enterprise, not only increased to make cost, its are produced normally also be restricted.

Regard Chinese project machine as the bibcock enterprise of the industry, xu is versed in group president Wang Min says, a lot of component of Xu Gong in exporting a product are import from abroad, 30% what buy the cost of foreign component to hold export price, xu was versed in exit is achieved 2007 collect 500 million dollar, and bought foreign component to cost 2 billion RMB, foreign component holds exit product sale 40% , but the 70-80% that took profit however.

Couplet weighs the main product such as crane of the environmental sanitation machinery of the division, concrete machinery, movable type to take home market in the scale of 30% above. Industry science and technology manages ministry minister Cui Yufang to say, couplet weighs division share in 40% what a cost imports to hold production cost in the product.

Euramerican component produces business to limit competition ability of our country product jointly

Cui Yufang says, development of industry of domestic project machinery is very rapid in last few years, caused the vigilance of enterprise of the person of the same trade outside the condition. The fundamental component that at present industry of machinery of our country project basically imports includes hydraulic pressure yuan parts of an apparatus, engine, control system of yuan of parts of an apparatus, transmission to wait. Especially hydraulic pressure yuan the foreign supplier business of parts of an apparatus, special rolled steel relies on market monopoly position, begin to make ” of clause of “ Xiang Yu the Conqueror. Couplet weighs the supplier of special rolled steel of the division in is enterprise of a Sweden, began the other side 2006 not only raise price again and again, still shifted to an earlier date to order goods period, all order also are to must shift to an earlier date 8 months sum pays.
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