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Plow mechanical market analysis
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Developed a program 2010 according to the Ministry of Agriculture, our country agrarian soil preparation, drill instrument changes a level to should have in admiral of existing level foundation bigger rise, to cultivating machinery will have bigger demand. In addition, the country puts forward clearly already to be in Campagna of sea of yellow the Huaihe River, 3 rivers Campagna, loose distant Campagna, the Huanghe delta, the Yangtse River downstream Campagna, build county of 226 commodity grain base, build county of base of high grade cotton 150, will right cultivate, plant protection machinery has bigger demand. Current, the whole nation is large and medium-sized the tractor retains the majority of the much of the quantity and Agricultural Machinery and Implement of form a complete set is extended active duty, be badly in need of changing. In addition, to realize agricultural modernization, a lot of province areas put forward to achieve the strategic goal of the mechanization of farming. Be like: Shanxi province puts forward to realize a mechanization of farming basically 2010, main farming exercise is integrated mechanization degree achieves 80 % above, 100 mus of farmland deploy tractor motivation number to achieve 15 horse power, tractor and farm tool form a complete set are compared achieve 1 ∶ 2. Heilongjiang province plans 2010, agricultural machinery total motive force achieves 20.3 million kilowatt, agricultural the tractor achieves 890 thousand, degree of mechanization of farmland, intertill achieves 90 % , sow mechanization degree to achieve 85 % . Jiangsu province plans 2010, agricultural total motive force achieves 29.5 million kilowatt, large and medium-sized the tractor achieves 60 thousand, degree of mechanization of cultivation of 95 ” evening achieves “ 90 % , degree of mechanization of establish of water seed rice achieves 50 % . Shandong province put forward 1998, inside 3 years add newly with big in the deep plough of tractor form a complete set, deep loose machine 40 thousand, straw returns cropland machine 30 thousand. Finance of this above that save a county is used at developing in those days large and medium-sized the allowance fund of agricultural machinery amounts to many yuan 5000. Accordingly, in light of the big environment that develops from agriculture, cultivate machinery will have good market prospect.

Cultivate currently market of machines and tools, basically be buyer city constant tradition is medium or small cultivate machines and tools, if ploughshare type is plowed, seed drill of disc harrow, cereal, domestic product basically can satisfy market demand.

Among them, overcapacity of small-sized machines and tools, market competition is very intense. One part is popular product, if straw reachs a stubble to smash the machine that return cropland, essence a few drill, with large and medium-sized of tractor form a complete set cultivate harvester instrument, the requirement that cannot satisfy the market is returned on amount and quality. A few products of agricultural new technology and need of practical technology place, reach a few with form a complete set of tractor of great horse power cultivate mechanical product, still need to develop new breed, the product that improves a business creates process capability, satisfy the requirement of agricultural production and tractor form a complete set.
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