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Current situation of market of machine of Chinese small-sized project
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Current situation of market of machine of Chinese small-sized project

From 20 centuries since 90 time, chinese economy grows quickly, industry of Chinese project machinery also entered fast hair exhibition period. In last few years, small-sized project machine serves as a promising young person, in construction, begin the position of large machinery in be being replaced partly, get the general welcome of the user.

From machine of our country small-sized project the market looks, the development level with located product of different small-sized project machine is different. Development of grab of small-sized hydraulic pressure is swift and violent in recent years, 30% what already held industry of grab of domestic hydraulic pressure to sell gross 2006, the market entered the product such as fork-lift truck of type of slippage of fast crash and long-term; , mining fork-lift truck market scope is at present limited still, growth is relatively slow also, the market still is in guide period; fork installs car market to still need to develop further in home at present.

Because development and consumption level place are restricted, the product of small-sized project machine that at present home still exists to use a tractor to the course changes his costume or dress simply and be become in great quantities, especially round of simple and easy type grab and fork-lift truck of simple and easy mining. According to not complete count, year of sale of this kind of simple and easy equipment in 10 thousand above, market of machine of domestic small-sized project was pounded on certain level, dig fork-lift truck market especially.

Country is common will overall quality does not exceed 13 tons grab to call small-sized grab. Change the process development to deepness and range as our country town, of road and municipal facilities reparative safeguard reach a city the grow in quantity of small-sized project project, the proportion that its project portfolio holds social construction gross is larger and larger. According to calculating, the exercise efficiency of small-sized grab can replace a 10 tonnage 30 ~ 50 labour force, reduced construction cost and administrative cost greatly, make muti_function the demand of small-sized grab rises ceaselessly. Industry sale had many 1400 only 2002, achieved more than 1.7 to 2006, grew 11 times, there was rapid growth more 2007.

Will tell from market share, domestic small-sized grab still basically is establish card of Han Pin waiting for day in order to fight hill, contemporary, small pine, day to give priority to, occupy the half above of trade sales volume about. The supplier such as bavin of intelligence of the land of country of course of native land and small-sized grab, jade tries hard for years, having in escalate market rate, chinese mainland is at present small the portion that digs company place to occupy already exceeded 30% . The problem that faces at present however is, although native land supplier has an advantage on the price and cost, but technical level, quality, dependability is uneven, advanced level is close to level of technology of quality of only minority company and international, the system that this basically is domestic major company builds relatively backward be caused by.
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