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Agriculture machinery serves problem of industry person with ability to not allo
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In recent years, a series of giving aid to came on stage in succession in the center of “ 3 farming the favourable policy of ” , purchase agriculture machinery to carry out allowance to the farmer, aroused a farmer to buy the enthusiasm of machine. 2008, the country throws agriculture machinery to purchase allowance fund to amount to 4 billion yuan, allowance carries out limits to cover county of countrywide all agriculture.
As product of new-style agriculture machinery in, all sorts of hydraulic pressure, electronic-controlled, laser even the application of the new assembly new technology such as global fixed position, agriculture machinery product develops to high-tech direction stage by stage. Contemporary agriculture equipment was brought for broad user efficient and cost-effective. While agricultural machine new technology, new package is being used by increasing ground, agriculture machinery major is taught is to be in however be faced with change infirmly, young professional breaks archives badly. Many agriculture machinery schools to live, for student obtain employment, in succession pick off “ farming ” cap. Occupy an investigation of industries of pair of Beijing agriculture machinery to make clear, nearly 10 years, training Within Industry of Beijing agriculture machinery is in halt condition almost. Original agriculture machinery vocational school, some stopped, some changes a car to drive school, some turning for mechanical build and repair. Current, 90% exceed personnel of whole town agriculture machinery 45 years old; 80% above did not learn through professional school; The agriculture machinery personnel of literacy rate occupied 82% above under junior high school.
According to statistic, our country already had of all kinds be engaged in agriculture machinery serving personnel of course of study 41 million, it is group of quite big a profession. This group on one hand staff is big with each passing day change, and on the other hand inside the industry the youth that very difficult tarry has professional knowledge. Investigate its reason, basically be as big as intensity of this industry labor, working pay is low about. Just a little works everyday when hand of professional agriculture machinery is busy 10 hours are commonplace, but with respect to income level with countrywide average level plan, annual comes down on average every months also with respect to a bit. Lofty laborious tells the young machine hand of cooperation of agriculture machinery of stockaded village of Henan of Beijing close cloud the reporter: He is in “ a few classmates of Beijing that in the same class of 81 farming school graduates, because like agriculture machinery industry,are he and another fellow student only now, still be engaged in this, someone else ‘ finds new job ’ . ” is current, other industry income often is agriculture machinery industry two to 3 times above. Professional skill of the country takes an exam, after obtaining letter of qualification of profession of jockey of advanced agriculture machinery, pay does not rise accordingly, ” of “ gold blue collar is goods true value not “ solid ” . Current, agriculture machinery industry is small profit industry, active very much rate still is controlled going up century the standard of 889 time. Cost of agriculture machinery exercise is some closer year however in successive years is climbed considerably litre, fittings rises, maintenance rises. Raise improvement considerably again agriculture machinery comes from the pay of personnel of course of study tarry is young and professional skill talent, it is not actual for certain.
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